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Pre-Order Melzer's "Escape" And Hit The Mother Lode! by J.C. Hutchins


My friend and fellow author James Melzer debuted some terrific news today, and I wanted to share it with you fine peeps. Melzer is the author of Escape: A Zombie Chronicles Novel, the first book in a trilogy that combines zombies and government conspiracies. It'll be in bookstores later this year.

To whet your appetite for that novel, Melzer is rewarding folks who pre-order Escape by sending them an exclusive excerpt of the novel months before it's released ... and he's sending pre-order customers The Mother Load, a massively awesome horror/suspense short story anthology Melzer commissioned for this promotion.

is an eBook collection of never-before published stories from six great authors, including Mur LaffertyS.G. BrowneDavid MoodyWayne SimmonsMatt Wallace, and Jeremy C. Shipp. It's available to anyone who pre-orders Escape starting today -- Friday, February 25, 2011 -- and right up until Escape's release on December 6, 2011.


Wanna support Melzer? Awesome. Here's the rules:

The only way folks can get their hands on this eBook collection is by pre-ordering Escape at any of the following online retailers: Amazon (Print Edition)Amazon (Kindle Edition)Amazon UKAmazon, and Indigo Canada.

People must forward their purchase receipts to Within 24 hours, they'll receive a .zip file containing The Mother Load anthology in .mobi, .epub and PDF formats for their eReaders. An exclusive text excerpt of Escape is included in this file.

Learn more about Escape at Melzer's website. Here are some great things two great writers are saying about Melzer's work:

"This is the 1984 of zombie novels" -- Scott Sigler, New York Times Bestselling author of Ancestor and Contagious

“Just when you think you know where it’s going, Melzer kicks you in the balls and turns everything on its head. Escape will take you to the edge and leave you wanting more.” -- David Moody, author of Hater, Autumn, and Dog Blood

So what are you waiting for? Support my friend and fellow author James Melzer by pre-ordering a copy of Escape today! With that anthology and excerpt of the book that'll soon arrive in your inbox as reward, you'll feel like you've hit the mother lode!


J.C. Cameos In "Eclipse Phase: Continuity" RPG Adventure by J.C. Hutchins


I'm very proud to announce that my voice makes a cameo appearance in the new RPG adventure Continuity, which takes place in the wickedly cool Eclipse Phase universe. The Eclipse Phase universe is a product of the creator-owned gaming collective Posthuman Studios LLC. I'll share more about my role in Continuity -- and reveal another familiar podfic talent involved with the project -- in a moment. First, some spiffy information about the Eclipse Phase RPG 'verse. If you like my fiction, this righteously spooky shit is right up your alley. From the Eclipse Phase site:

Eclipse Phase is a pen & paper roleplaying game of post-apocalyptic transhuman conspiracy and horror. Players take part in a cross-faction secret network dubbed Firewall that is dedicated to counteracting "existential risks" -- threats to the existence of transhumanity, whether they be biowar plagues, self-replicating nanoswarms, nuclear proliferation, terrorists with WMDs, net-breaking computer attacks, rogue AIs, alien encounters, or anything else that could drive an already decimated transhumanity to extinction.

That sounds like the coolest thing since the invention of the D20, if you ask me. Continuity is a one-shot scenario set in the 'verse. What happens in Continuity?

Your characters, who are researchers on the remote space outpost Kepler, check in for a backup -- and awaken in new bodies to discover two weeks of their lives are missing. They have limited time to find out what happened to their previous selves, and deal with a looming threat.

I've read the adventure, and know what's in store for players. "Looming threat" doesn't begin to describe the madness that unfolds. The campaign, masterfully written by Marc Huete (and produced by a team of brilliant game designers and graphic artists, including Adam Jury -- with whom I've worked in the past) promises to be a suspense-packed mindfuck.

One supremely cool element about Continuity is that the adventure features multimedia elements embedded in the PDF which GMs purchase. With the click of a GM's mouse button, players can actually hear scene-setting narration and reports from the Kepler's A.I. network named "Hans" ... which is played by me.

Indeed, I play a more-than-panicked A.I., and channel my trembling-voiced inner Kilroy2.0 to deliver the goods. More important, fellow novelist and podcast fiction veteran Mur Lafferty also lends her voice to the project, providing (as always) stellarly-delivered narration for the players.

The universe is compelling, as is the Continuity PDF product. Incredibly, this multimedia-enhanced adventure is available for a mere $5 (!!!) over at Check it out here, and consider snagging the 5,000-word short story An Infinite Horizon, which is also set in the Eclipse Phase universe, for a criminally-low 99 cents. (Disclosure: Those are affiliate links.)

If you'd rather learn more about Eclipse Phase before pulling the trigger, visit I hope you do support this independent, creator-owned RPG property, and snag a copy of Continuity. You score a smidgen of Hutchins and Lafferty audio goodness, and more than a heaping teaspoon of slick, suspense-filled sci-fi adventure. Below are a few images to further whet your appetite.



"Personal Effects: Dark Art" Video Trailer #11 - The SUPERVLURB by J.C. Hutchins

Behold, the SUPERVLURB, an epic video blurb endorsement of Personal Effects: Dark Art featuring a dozen of the most influential creators in the podcast fiction community. All have read the novel. All have something to say. If you're a superfan of podcast fiction, you're gonna love the SUPERVLURB.

uchly thanks go out to these incredible, generous storytellers. Without their years of support for my work, I dare say Personal Effects: Dark Art would never have happened to me. They are all ultracreative people, and worthy of your time and attention. Visit their sites. Listen to their work. You won't be disappointed.

  • Philippa Ballantine Author of: Chasing the Bard, Digital Magic, Weather Child
  • Scott Sigler New York Times bestselling author of: Infected, Contagious, Ancestor
  • Seth Harwood Author of: Jack Wakes Up, Jack Palms 2 & 3, Young Junius
  • Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff Author of: Number One with a Bullet, Shadow Falls, Diary of a Madman
  • Christiana Ellis Author of: Nina Kimberly the Merciless, Space Casey
  • Matt Wallace Parsec Award-winning author of The Next Fix, The Failed Cities Monologues
  • James Melzer Author of: The Zombie Chronicles - Escape
  • Stephen Eley Editor of Escape Pod, and publisher of the horror fiction podcast Pseudopod
  • Mark Jeffrey Author of: The Pocket and the Pendant, The Two Travelers
  • Mur Lafferty
  • Author of: Playing for Keeps, the Heaven series, co-founder of Pseudopod
  • Phil Rossi Author of: Crescent, Tales from the Vault, Eden
  • Matthew Wayne Selznick Author of: Brave Men Run, Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights

As always, co-producer/editor Michael Bekemeyer gets a big salute for his editing skills. Find the first 10 trailers here.

Personal Effects: Dark Art is available in bookstores TODAY. Purchase a copy at your favorite store, or order a copy online.


"Personal Effects: Dark Art" Video Trailer #10 - Mur Lafferty by J.C. Hutchins

In 2004, a strange, powerful way to communicate emerged on the Internet. Folks soon called it "podcasting."

And then, seemingly moments later, there was Mur Lafferty, dazzling the podosphere with her delightful Geek Fu Action Grip essays ... and the editing Voices, the first-ever podcast fiction anthology ... and then creating the influential I Should Be Writing podcast ... and then co-founding the horror fiction podcast Pseudopod ... and then releasing her stellar Heaven fantasy novella series ... and then the superhero comedy epic Playing For Keeps ... and then making us laugh with her zombie audiocomedy The Takeover ... and then ... well ... Somewhere along the way, she became a legend in podcasting.

Mur Lafferty is an ever-experimenting icon in the space, representing the fleet-footed creativity and potential of this emerging method of releasing stories. She's a helluva tale-teller to boot, and I'm honored to present her video endorsement of Personal Effects: Dark Art here.

Pre-order the novel. Toss a copy of Mur's Playing for Keeps in that online shopping cart while you're at it. You'll thank me later.

As always, co-producer/editor Michael Bekemeyer gets a big salute for his editing skills. Find the first nine trailers here.

Word of mouth is the key to Personal Effects: Dark Art's success. Spread the word about this awesome video promotion by embedding the video on your blog. Email this page to friends. Tweet it. Facebook it. If you think this video is worthy of sharing, please do what you can to spread the word.

More videos are coming. Personal Effects: Dark Art. In bookstores everywhere TUESDAY. Pre-order now.


VIDEO: J.C. unveils Dark Art on "I Should Be Writing" podcast by J.C. Hutchins

Mur Lafferty for her excellent I Should Be Writing podcast. During our chat about Personal Effects: Dark Art, I showcased some of the incredible "out of book" transmedia items that accompany the novel. If you're interested in Dark Art, this is a must-watch.

From Mur's site: I got to get an exclusive sneak peek at the awesomeness that is Personal Effects: Dark Art this past weekend at Balticon! I talk to author JC Hutchins about his ground-breaking book, and we try not to get distracted by passers-by. Camera work by John Cmar, Additional Direction by David Moldawer

The book is available for pre-order now. Please considering pre-ordering a copy today, and learn why your pre-release purchases provide critcal support to Personal Effects: Dark Art by clicking here.

HEY, EVERYBODY #008 by J.C. Hutchins


This is the second of two Hey Everybody! episodes this week (episode 2 of Personal Effects: Sword of Blood drops Friday), featuring an interview with the incomparable Mur Lafferty. Hutch rants and raves about recent raves for Personal Effects: Dark Art, giggles with glee at the debut of Personal Effects: Sword of Blood, and channels his inner monster truck race announcer by dishing about what's coming this Sunday-Sunday-Sunday at Balticon.

Then we're deep-sea diving into awesomeness with author Mur Lafferty, as she tells us about her latest fiction project -- Heaven, Season 5: WAR -- and the trailblazing bonus material she's releasing in her "The Inside Story" experience. Very cool.

Links mentioned in this episode:

The anthem for Hey, Everybody! is "Chip Away" by Jane's Addition, distributed freely via BitTorrent and the Nine Inch Nails/Jane's Addiction tour site,

Like what you hear? Please leave a comment, and tell a friend about the show, and about Personal Effects: Dark Art!

J.C. interviewed for Asimov's Science Fiction magazine by J.C. Hutchins


In May, I had the great fortune to meet James Patrick Kelly at Balticon 42. Jim is one of the finest science-fiction writers living today. He is a master narrative craftsman; his work transcends the noisy, predictable trappings of most SF, and is fueled by excellent characterizations -- something I pine for in my own writing. His tales also sport a literary vibe that's not usually seen in sci-fi today, which makes them a delight to read.

Perhaps the only Balticon 42 moment more memorable that speaking on a panel with the man (and later chatting with him at the con's hotel bar) was being interviewed by him. Jim writes a monthly column for Asimov's Science Fiction magazine called "On the Net." A podcaster himself, Jim spent more than a half-hour chatting with me and other podcast novelists about this crazy newfangled "New Media" thing we do, and how it's positively impacting our careers.

The most recent issue of Asimov's features the first of Jim's two-part series on podcast fiction, and I'm honored to have been quoted in the column. This month's article does an elegant job of explaining the appeal of New Media for creators like me, and shares some insights from myself, Mur Lafferty and Tee Morris regarding its potential.

During our interview, we discussed what businessfolk like to call "first mover status" -- specifically, early podfiction adopters such as Mur, Tee, I and a few others, and our prominence in the community. Is it possible for newcomers to make a splash and compete with us podcasting oldtimers?

"When I hear the word 'competition,' I immediately think of buying things," I told Jim. "But podcasting isn't a bookstore. I think of it as a library. It's all free; you're just competing for time. That book will always be there on the (digital) shelf, so you can always come back to it. Is this space saturated? Well, it is. Is this space saturated with killer content? No."

Translation: If you produce excellent work -- and there indeed is excellent new work to be found in the podfic space -- you'll rise to the top. According to Jim's column, the second part of his series will explore this, as well as short-form podcast fiction, and other topics.

I can't wait to read it, and I'm honored to have contributed to his story.


FREE E-BOOK: "Playing For Keeps" + new short story by J.C. Hutchins


It doesn't get any cooler than this, folks. To celebrate the upcoming mainstream print release of her superhero novel Playing for Keeps on Aug. 25, author and podcaster Mur Lafferty has released the full text of the novel -- and a never-before-seen short story called Parasite Awakens -- as a free PDF download. The PDF also features original comic book cover-style artwork by Jared Axelrod, Natalie Metzger and me, and was assembled by Paul Fischer and Martha Holloway.

Podcast subscribers should automatically receive a dowload of this PDF to thier podcatchers. Folks can also manually download the file, below.

I've been promoting Mur's work here on the site and in the podcast feed for a week now, and there's a reason for that: it's worthy of all the attention. Playing For Keeps both celebrates and satirizes the superhero comics genre. Defying expectations, Mur's novel is an awesome exploration of heroism, the life of an underdog, and the corruption of power.

It's pretty damned funny, too.

Here's a synopsis of Playing For Keeps, from publisher Swarm Press:

The shining metropolis of Seventh City is the birthplace of super powers. The First Wave heroes are jerks, but they have the best gifts: flight, super strength, telepathy, genius, fire. The Third Wavers are stuck with the leftovers: the ability to instantly make someone sober, the power to smell the past, the grace to carry a tray and never drop its contents, the power to produce high-powered excrement blasts, absolute control. over elevators.

Bar owner Keepsie Branson is a Third Waver with a power that prevents anything in her possession from being stolen. Keepsie and her friends just aren't powerful enough to make a difference. at least that's what they've always been told.

But when the villain Doodad slips Keepsie a mysterious metal sphere, the Third Wavers become caught in the middle of a battle between the egotistical heroes and the manipulative villains. As Seventh City begins to melt down, it's hard to tell the good guys from the bad, and even harder to tell who may become the true heroes.

It's great stuff, so check out the free PDF, and please be sure to support Mur Lafferty's rush on the charts on Aug. 25 by purchasing a copy of Playing For Keeps!


BONUS: "Gestalt" short story by J.C. Hutchins by J.C. Hutchins


As reported in my recent UltraCreatives interview with author and podcaster Mur Lafferty, Mur recently reactivated the Playing for Keeps "Stories of the Third Wave" fan podcast to promote the novel's Author Sanctioned™ release date of August 25 at This anthology of fan-created content is astounding in scope; Mur told UltraCreatives listeners that she'd received so many stories for "...Third Wave," she's resorting to a daily release schedule just to keep up. How cool is that?

Even cooler (at least for me) is that Mur invited me aboard to write a short story set in her Playing for Keeps universe. I was flattered by her offer and concocted Gestalt, my contribution to the project. It was also a blast to get back in front of the mic and reading my own fiction again.

Longtime listeners of the 7th Son podcast know that 7S was originally conceived as a superhero story ... but since I was (and to a degree, still am) convinced that believable superhero tales are extremely hard to tell in prose fiction, I abandoned that concept for a more realistic narrative. As I wrote Gestalt, I set to prove myself wrong -- and I think I did just that. Your reaction as a reader may prove differently, but I'm very proud of this little story, and I hope I did Mur Lafferty's universe justice with it.

If you've never heard the Playing for Keeps podiobook or the "Stories of the Third Wave" podcast, but like what you hear here, be sure to visit to subscribe to both projects.

And please help support Mur Lafferty's work as she rushes the Amazon charts on August 25. Here's a link to the book's product page at -- but please be a part of the community effort and wait to purchase Playing for Keeps on the 25th.

Stay super.


Ultracreatives Interview #17: Mur Lafferty by J.C. Hutchins


After an unexpected -- and shame on him, unnannounced -- micro-hiatus, J.C. Hutchins is back with a new UltraCreatives interview. This episode features the triumphant return of author and podcaster Mur Lafferty. There have been some tremendous developments in Mur's career since she last appeared on the show back in February. J.C. and Mur discuss her novel Playing for Keeps, and how it was recently purchased by indie publisher Swarm Press for mainstream release. Mur also chats about the reactivation of her "Stories of the Third Wave" podcast, her ambition to rush the charts on August 25 and much more. It's a fun, fascinating interview.

Find Mur Lafferty on the World Wide Everywhere:

In the intro to this episode, J.C. also explains just where the hell he's been for the past three weeks, what commitments have kept him from releasing 7th Son: OBSIDIAN content, and when that content will return to the feed. (Hint: It's goddamned soon.)

As promised, here are links to some important sites (including MINE, J.C.'s new pop culture blog project) and some writing he's done in recent weeks.

"Double Trouble" and "Playing for Keeps" banners for your site! by J.C. Hutchins

I recently created some Web banners to support my friends Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine (for their imminent "Double Trouble" print novel promotion) and Mur Lafferty (to amp up folks for the print release of Playing for Keeps in late August). Since I haven't promoted these much, I thought I'd rattle the cup here and encourage you to help support these authors by posting the banners on your site, blog, Myspace, Facebook pages, etc.

Note: The banners are at the end of this post.

Inserting these little guys into your online home is easy peasy. Simply paste the embed data below into a blog post, sidebar widget, etc. The image (and hotlink) should miraculously appear on your site, for all the world to see.

Of course, I'd be remiss in not imploring you -- politely, of course -- to do more than just advertise these authors' brilliant wares. Help reward their hard work by purchasing copies of The Case of the Pitcher's Pendant: A Billibub Baddings Mystery and Digital Magic on Aug. 8, and Playing for Keeps on Aug. 25. Not only will you be "giving back" to these authors (who work tirelessly to provide fans with free audiofiction), but you'll help make history, and validate their work as professionals.

Trust me: there's no greater thrill for an artist than being monetarily rewarded for his efforts. Enjoy the banners, spread the word, and happy buying in August!


double trouble advert

Double Trouble banner embed code: <a href=""> <img src="" alt="Double Trouble advert"></a>

playing for keeps advert

Playing for Keeps banner embed code: <a href=""> <img src="" alt="Playing For Keeps advert"></a>

OBSIDIAN: Episode 18 by J.C. Hutchins


This week's short story showcase episode features the exciting conclusion of Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff's tale, Nemesis. This powerhouse of a novelette is packed with wordsmithing hot sauce: sex, violence, double-crosses and an ending that'll rock your socks. Please do yourself the favor of checking out Mark's other fiction -- the Shadow Falls audio drama series, Number One With A Bullet, Transistor Rodeo and much more -- by visiting his website,

And please send him an appreciative email for his OBSIDIAN story and stellar performance.

J.C. is mum during this episode's outro, but the intro is bursting with "talky-talk" pimpage of J.C.'s recent appearances in the podosophere:

Coming up next on 7th Son: OBSIDIAN: The cast of The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd experience the blackout. You'll giggle like a kid at this one!


OBSIDIAN Episode 10 by J.C. Hutchins


This week's OBSIDIAN showcase short story, titled A Rose By Any Other Name, is written and narrated by award-winning author and podcaster Mur Lafferty. Ride shotgun with young heroine Rose, as she learns a secret about her name ... and must face unfathomable odds during the OBSIDIAN blackout. If you enjoy Mur's tale, please send a few gracious words her way. Her contact information can be found at her website,

J.C. covers some fun, if familiar, ground in his "talky talk" segments, including:

  • The popular John Alpha for President election campaign
  • 7th Son: Runner, J.C.'s new serialized mobile phone text story, which is rolling out now. Find details here and here.

Coming up next on 7th Son: OBSIDIAN: A priceless video short-short by Soccergirl. A new UltraCreatives interview with J.R. Blackwell will drop after that, and we'll close out the week with more audio and video "Voices From the Darkness" OBSIDIAN episodes!


Feedback about OBSIDIAN is welcome and appreciated! Send J.C. an email, leave a comment below, or call the Clone Line at 206-984-2566 (CLONE).

Mur Lafferty is writing for Suicide Girls! by J.C. Hutchins

Fellow geeks, behold the ascent of one of our own -- the incomparable Mur Lafferty -- as she attains the ultimate status in both geekdom and uber-coolness: she's now writing for! This is huge news because Suicide Girls is a huge site, with ferociously cool content ... and an even cooler audience. And while I have a paid subscription to the more, ahem, purremium features of**, Mur's column -- which debuted today -- is free to access and read. Check out her blissfully geeky inaugural SG article here, in which she marks the milestones of her life by the numerous releases of Mario Kart video games. It's funny as hell, and it's pure Mur, a geek essayist at her finest.

So check out her column, and be sure to leave a comment on the Suicide Girls site, or contact the editors of SG and tell them that their money is well-spent on our favorite podcasting geek diva!


** Yes, the site is for grown-ups. No, I won't give you my l / p. Nyah.

OBSIDIAN: Episode 6 by J.C. Hutchins


Week Two of 7th Son: OBSIDIAN content begins in earnest with He Sees In Shadows, a short story written by New York Times bestselling novelist Michael A. Stackpole. The OBSIDIAN blackout is in full swing in this episode, and a special breed of madman is on the loose, out there, in the darkness. But who is more insane: the hunter ... or the man hunting him? If you enjoyed Mike's story, be sure to check out his other work -- and send him an email -- at

J.C. covers some important announcements in this episode's "talky talk" intro and outro, including:

  • An update on John Alpha's presidential campaign
  • Information about the OBSIDIAN "Voices From the Darkness" episodes, and how you can contribute. Call 206-222-9158 to leave your audio mark in the 7th Son universe, or record video footage and email it to J.C. Click here for submission guidelines. Deadline for this content is July 7, 2008.
  • Find "sneak peek" video footage from "Voices From the Darkness" contributors at J.C.'s YouTube channel. (More will be released soon!)
  • Information about 7th Son: Runner, J.C.'s serialized "cell phone-centric" text story that will debut next week. Click here to learn how to obtain this OBSIDIAN text-only story!

Coming up next on 7th Son: OBSIDIAN: a short-short story by Evo Terra. After that, more "Voices From The Darkness" episodes, quite possibly a brief Clone Line episode, and next week's short story, written by Mur Lafferty...


Feedback about OBSIDIAN is welcome and appreciated! Send J.C. an email, leave a comment below, or call the Clone Line at 206-984-2566 (CLONE).

OBSIDIAN: Episode 1 by J.C. Hutchins


Welcome to the debut episode of J.C. Hutchins' 7th Son: OBSIDIAN, the world's first podcast short story anthology based in an existing fictional universe. The universe is, of course, Hutchins' 7th Son Podcast Novel Trilogy.

Nearly 100 people have contributed to the OBSIDIAN experience. Tales from bestselling novelists, A-List podcast storytellers and 7th Son fans from around the globe will be featured in this anthology over the next 10 weeks. At least three episodes of content will be released each week, so prepare for full immersion into the OBSIDIAN blackout experience.

In the weeks ahead, you'll hear stories from these podcast entertainers: Michael A. Stackpole, Scott Sigler, Mur Lafferty, Matt Wallace, Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, Christiana Ellis, Evo Terra, Dan Klass, Wichita Rutherford, TD-0013, George Hrab, Soccergirl, and the cast of The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd.

Today's episode features the first half of the short story Miles To Go Before I Sleep, written and narrated by Tee Morris. Learn more about Tee's work -- and send him an appreciative email! -- at

There's huge news in J.C.'s "talky talk" intro and outro segments, including:

  • The big reveal about J.C.'s next novel, affectionately nicknamed CODE PHANTOM
  • The world premiere of Celldweller's instrumental version of "Birthright"
  • How you can download a full album of Celldweller songs -- including the full version of "Birthright" -- for free at
  • J.C.'s appearance on producer Shawn Bishop's podcast, Behind The Lines #14
  • The debut of J.C.'s text story, 7th Son: Runner, available as a mobile phone exclusive

Feedback about OBSIDIAN is welcome and appreciated! Send J.C. an email, leave a comment below, or call the Clone Line at 206-984-2566 (CLONE).



By Executive Order 12919: Martial Law is in effect for the United States and its territories... Stay in your homes... Your government is in control...

Behold, the first of fourteen collectible 7th Son: OBSIDIAN propaganda posters!

Now you can bring a piece of the nationwide OBSIDIAN blackout into YOUR world with these propaganda posters! These high-resolution printable posters -- which would appear in the 7th Son Universe during the blackout -- reveal the horrifying circumstances in the U.S. during OBSIDIAN. Martial law has been declared. Looting is rampant. Chaos reigns.


Only one of these posters is available here at The rest roll out exclusively on thirteen other websites today, May 20. Each site will feature one poster design only. To collect them all, you must visit all thirteen other sites.

These thirteen participating sites feature world-class fiction, sci-fi and gaming news, reviews and music. They're the very best sources of online entertainment for 7th Son fans, and J.C. Hutchins endorses them as "must subscribe" content:

Which posters appear on what website? Ahh, that's a secret ... as is what time they're released today. J.C. Hutchins recommends that you subscribe to these sites' RSS/podcast feeds NOW. That way, and you can immediately enjoy the free killer content these sites provide, and know that their posters will automatically appear in your RSS reader or podcatcher when released.

It's part scavenger hunt, part "collect them all" trading card concept, part cross-promotion. So download all fourteen posters, expose yourself to some of the best entertainment on the web ... and of course, print the posters and display them proudly for all your friends and coworkers to see!

Spread the word. OBSIDIAN drops May 31st. When the power fails ... chaos reigns.

UltraCreatives Interview #5: Jason Calacanis by J.C. Hutchins


This week on UltraCreatives, J.C. interviews entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, CEO of, the world's first human-powered search engine.

During the chat, Jason explains the creative and business philosophies powering, the creativity an entrepreneur needs to succeed, his personal drive (and the life experiences that defined it), and more. The interview is enlightening for aspiring entrepreneurs, or people pursuing any creative endeavor.

Links mentioned in this interview:

In addition, J.C. mentions the Blogger & Podcaster magazine cover story featuring him and fellow podcast novelists Scott Sigler and Mur Lafferty. Find the online version of the article (written by "The Bitterest Pill" host Dan Klass) at the Blogger & Podcaster website.

For newcomers to, welcome! Learn how to subscribe to J.C.'s 7th Son podcast novel thriller trilogy by visiting the Podcasting Primer page. For more info about 7th Son and its awesome fans, view this Summer 2007 media kit PDF.

J.C. Hutchins and Scott Sigler featured on the cover of Blogger & Podcaster magazine by J.C. Hutchins

I am honored to report that podcast novelist Scott Sigler and I are the subjects of the February/March cover story for Podcaster & Blogger magazine. The article, titled "Fiction 2.0," was written by Dan Klass of "The Bitterest Pill" fame. Podcast novelist Mur Lafferty was also featured in the story. You can read it at the magazine's website.

I have never read a journalistic article that so brilliantly and eloquently captures the "vision" that podcast novelists share, why we do what we do, and the passion we have for our work, the podcasting medium, and our audiences. Klass' reporting is world-class, and his writing matches -- and in many cases, trumps -- any magazine cover feature you'd find on newsstands today. I am flattered by the coverage, and am honored to be recognized as a vanguard in this blossoming genre of podcasting.

If you've read the article and are visiting for the first time, thank you for your interest in my work. Feel free to explore the site, and experience the 100+ images, desktop wallpapers, photographs, music, and more ... all inspired by 7th Son, all created by fans. Please visit my Podcasting Primer page to easily subscribe to the 7th Son audiobook trilogy.

For existing fans of 7S, you'll be delighted to know that the Blogger & Podcaster article reveals the details of my next podfiction project -- titled 7th Son: Obisidan -- which will debut in May. I'll give more details on Obsidian in a future blog post.

My thanks go out to writer Dan Klass, editor Shelly Brisbin and the Blogger & Podcaster team for covering podcast fiction, and for so superbly capturing my love for my craft, and my listeners.

UltraCreatives Interview #4: Mur Lafferty by J.C. Hutchins


In this installment of UltraCreatives, J.C. chats with novelist and podcaster Mur Lafferty. A brilliant storyteller and essayist, Mur has released her writing into the podosphere since 2004. Thanks to her "veteran" status in the community, she has a has a unique perspective on podcasting's roots, the state of podcasting today, and where it's going.

J.C. and Mur talk about that, her first memories as a writer, what allured her to podcasting, and more. Of particular interest are her thoughts on her Heaven series of audio novellas, and the conclusion of her hit podiobook, Playing for Keeps. The interview is about 90 minutes long, but Mur's conversation and anecdotes are stellar, and well worth the listen.

Find Mur's work here:

If all goes according to plan, next week's guest will be entrepreneur and founder Jason Calacanis.