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"Personal Effects: Dark Art" Video Trailer #10 - Mur Lafferty by J.C. Hutchins

In 2004, a strange, powerful way to communicate emerged on the Internet. Folks soon called it "podcasting."

And then, seemingly moments later, there was Mur Lafferty, dazzling the podosphere with her delightful Geek Fu Action Grip essays ... and the editing Voices, the first-ever podcast fiction anthology ... and then creating the influential I Should Be Writing podcast ... and then co-founding the horror fiction podcast Pseudopod ... and then releasing her stellar Heaven fantasy novella series ... and then the superhero comedy epic Playing For Keeps ... and then making us laugh with her zombie audiocomedy The Takeover ... and then ... well ... Somewhere along the way, she became a legend in podcasting.

Mur Lafferty is an ever-experimenting icon in the space, representing the fleet-footed creativity and potential of this emerging method of releasing stories. She's a helluva tale-teller to boot, and I'm honored to present her video endorsement of Personal Effects: Dark Art here.

Pre-order the novel. Toss a copy of Mur's Playing for Keeps in that online shopping cart while you're at it. You'll thank me later.

As always, co-producer/editor Michael Bekemeyer gets a big salute for his editing skills. Find the first nine trailers here.

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