Mur Lafferty is writing for Suicide Girls! by J.C. Hutchins

Fellow geeks, behold the ascent of one of our own -- the incomparable Mur Lafferty -- as she attains the ultimate status in both geekdom and uber-coolness: she's now writing for! This is huge news because Suicide Girls is a huge site, with ferociously cool content ... and an even cooler audience. And while I have a paid subscription to the more, ahem, purremium features of**, Mur's column -- which debuted today -- is free to access and read. Check out her blissfully geeky inaugural SG article here, in which she marks the milestones of her life by the numerous releases of Mario Kart video games. It's funny as hell, and it's pure Mur, a geek essayist at her finest.

So check out her column, and be sure to leave a comment on the Suicide Girls site, or contact the editors of SG and tell them that their money is well-spent on our favorite podcasting geek diva!


** Yes, the site is for grown-ups. No, I won't give you my l / p. Nyah.