UltraCreatives Interview #9: Chris Brogan by J.C. Hutchins


This week, author J.C. Hutchins interviews social media expert Chris Brogan. Chris has been a blogger for the past 10 years, is well-respected in the blogging and social media space, and is renowned for his accessibility, excellent writing, and ability to connect with his audience. Chris often evangelizes about social media trends -- and we get into that in the interview -- but J.C. also asks about Chris' personality and world view, and the philosophies that power his daily life and adventures in social media.

The recording is a little noisy; through the miracle of Skype, J.C. chatted with Chris while Chris did some work at a coffee shop. The cheerful ambience adds to the listening experience. Enjoy the conversation!

Sites mentioned in this interview:

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J.C.'s intro chatter includes:

  • A big "thank you" to listeners who are spreading the word about Scott Sigler's novel INFECTED, and its April 1 debut in bookstores everywhere. Continue to evangelize! Let's get Scott on The New York Times bestseller list!
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UltraCreatives Interview #6: Seth Harwood by J.C. Hutchins


This week, crime noir author Seth Harwood joins host J.C. Hutchins for an in-depth, energetic UltraCreatives interview about his debut novel Jack Wakes Up, and its upcoming print release.

Seth chats about his writing career, how he came to love the crime fiction genre, how his profession as an English teacher influences his writing (and vice versa), and more. It's a fun, forthcoming interview by one of the biggest names in podcast fiction. There's plenty to learn here for aspiring writers and fans of great, gritty fiction.

Find Seth Harwood on the 'net:


UltraCreatives Interview #4: Mur Lafferty by J.C. Hutchins


In this installment of UltraCreatives, J.C. chats with novelist and podcaster Mur Lafferty. A brilliant storyteller and essayist, Mur has released her writing into the podosphere since 2004. Thanks to her "veteran" status in the community, she has a has a unique perspective on podcasting's roots, the state of podcasting today, and where it's going.

J.C. and Mur talk about that, her first memories as a writer, what allured her to podcasting, and more. Of particular interest are her thoughts on her Heaven series of audio novellas, and the conclusion of her hit podiobook, Playing for Keeps. The interview is about 90 minutes long, but Mur's conversation and anecdotes are stellar, and well worth the listen.

Find Mur's work here:

If all goes according to plan, next week's guest will be entrepreneur and Mahalo.com founder Jason Calacanis.

UltraCreatives Interview #3: Jeff Pulver by J.C. Hutchins


The third episode of J.C.'s UltraCreatives Interview series brings Jeff Pulver -- co-founder of Vonage -- to the program. Jeff has been called a "serial entrepreneur," is a trailblazer in the VOIP industry, and is a social media evangelist. Most recently, Jeff created PULVER.TV, a new 24/7 television network on the internet.

During the chat J.C. and Jeff talk about PULVER.TV, the ultracreative drive of entrepreneurs, his passion for amateur radio, and a whole lot more. The conversation is both insightful and inspiring, and anyone with a creative streak will enjoy it.

Check out the great content at Pulver.TV here, and be sure to subscribe to his blog at JeffPulver.com.

Spreading the White Noise 2 word by J.C. Hutchins

Hey everybody -- just wanted to update you on the WHITE NOISE 2 grassroots "new media" push that's currently sweeping the podosphere. As you know, I recently interviewed director Patrick Lussier and screenwriter Matt Venne about their involvement with the film. (For newcomers to the site, you can find the interview here.) What you don't know is that Patrick and Matt are currently on a whirlwind podcasting press junket, chatting with other high-profile podcasters.

The creative duo sat down and had an awesome face-to-face interview with podcasting powerhouse Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff about writing, the entertainment business and more. The conversation (and coffee!) flowed freely, resulting in an amazing interview.

Check out the interview at Mark's Word Sushi podcast, and -- as always -- spread the word about Patrick and Matt's hard work. (Update: Mark's interview is now available the Pacific Coast Hellway and Podshow Press sites, too.)

Your involvement is already making WN2 a rising star in sales: On Monday, WN2 was ranked #1,800 on Amazon.com's sales charts. As of this writing, the film is now ranked as #983. Better still, the movie currently occupies the #18 and #21 slots for DVD sales in the Mystery and Suspense categories, respectively. Not bad for less than a week's worth of pod-promotion, eh? You are making an impact.

Thanks to all of you who have spread the word or purchased a copy of the film. Find WN2 here at Amazon.


UltraCreatives Interview #1: Patrick Lussier and Matt Venne by J.C. Hutchins


The new year brings a facelift to JCHutchins.net, a brand-new Community section for 7th Son fans, and the debut of the UltraCreative Interview Series. In this interview, J.C. chats with film director Patrick Lussier and writer Matt Venne about the release of White Noise 2, a taut supernatural thriller starring Nathan Fillion ("Firefly") and Katee Sackhoff ("Battlestar Galactica"). The film was released on DVD recently.

In the interview, Patrick and Matt tell J.C. how they came to the film industry, the collaborative nature of movie-making, working with Fillion and Sackhoff, and much more. These guys embody J.C.'s "UltraCreatives" concept to the core, and it was an honor to have them on the podcast.

How can you help spread the word about White Noise 2?

  • Podcasters: Toss the link to this interview in your podcast feed; J.C. will happily take the bandwidth hit. Direct link can be found here. (Standard MP3; interview duration: 1:36:23; file size: 88.3 MB -- 92596195 bytes)
  • Bloggers: Promote the interview on your site, and include a link to the audio interview. Link is here.
  • Listeners: Contact friends and family about the film, and include a link to this blog page, or a direct link to the audio interview. Interview link is here.

Other links mentioned in the interview:

PLEASE support the hard work of Patrick, Matt and the rest of the White Noise 2 cast and crew by spreading the word and purchasing a copy of the film. Thanks!