George Hrab

OBSIDIAN: Epsiode 21 by J.C. Hutchins


This OBSIDIAN episode features a comedic skit from musician and podcaster George Hrab and writer and podcaster Soccergirl. These artists are dangerously smart and talented, and it's an honor to have them appear here in the OBSIDIAN podcast.

About George Hrab: Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and composer George Hrab has written and produced five independent CDs; published one book; performed for President Clinton; shared the stage with countless numbers of musicians and acts; and is the de facto President for Life of The Geologic Orchestra. He also does a mean solo acoustic show. Dude's got charisma.

George also produces a weekly podcast called "The Geologic Podcast," which has been nominated for a 2008 Parsec Award for Best "Infotainment" Cast.

About Soccergirl: One of the first podcasters ever, Soccergirl has written, starred in and produced nearly 300 episodes of her popular audio and video podcast, "Soccergirl, Incorporated," reaching an audience of up to 80,000 worldwide. The show features free thinking moxie, the pluck of the ages and satirical social commentary via an eclectic mix of experimental fiction (much of it science-y), original music (including freestyle rhymes), fake news, interviews, the lusty interpretation of cartoon classics and comedic improvisation. She's switchblade brilliant.

Learn more about George's work at, and find Soccergirl's podcast and blog at


OBSIDIAN: Episode 1 by J.C. Hutchins


Welcome to the debut episode of J.C. Hutchins' 7th Son: OBSIDIAN, the world's first podcast short story anthology based in an existing fictional universe. The universe is, of course, Hutchins' 7th Son Podcast Novel Trilogy.

Nearly 100 people have contributed to the OBSIDIAN experience. Tales from bestselling novelists, A-List podcast storytellers and 7th Son fans from around the globe will be featured in this anthology over the next 10 weeks. At least three episodes of content will be released each week, so prepare for full immersion into the OBSIDIAN blackout experience.

In the weeks ahead, you'll hear stories from these podcast entertainers: Michael A. Stackpole, Scott Sigler, Mur Lafferty, Matt Wallace, Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, Christiana Ellis, Evo Terra, Dan Klass, Wichita Rutherford, TD-0013, George Hrab, Soccergirl, and the cast of The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd.

Today's episode features the first half of the short story Miles To Go Before I Sleep, written and narrated by Tee Morris. Learn more about Tee's work -- and send him an appreciative email! -- at

There's huge news in J.C.'s "talky talk" intro and outro segments, including:

  • The big reveal about J.C.'s next novel, affectionately nicknamed CODE PHANTOM
  • The world premiere of Celldweller's instrumental version of "Birthright"
  • How you can download a full album of Celldweller songs -- including the full version of "Birthright" -- for free at
  • J.C.'s appearance on producer Shawn Bishop's podcast, Behind The Lines #14
  • The debut of J.C.'s text story, 7th Son: Runner, available as a mobile phone exclusive

Feedback about OBSIDIAN is welcome and appreciated! Send J.C. an email, leave a comment below, or call the Clone Line at 206-984-2566 (CLONE).