The Radio Adventures of Dr- Floyd-

OBSIDIAN: Episode 19 by J.C. Hutchins


This week's OBSIDIAN short-short story is presented by the amazing characters from The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd. If you've never listened to The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd before, you're in for a real treat. This episode is the perfect introduction to the funniest, best-produced, most-charming -- and most-creative -- podcast on the planet.

The web's longest running family friendly podcast, The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd is often called "A Prairie Home Companion for kids."  Imagine Rocky & Bullwinkle, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Time Bandits mixed in a blender with a dash of education and you've got The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd!

Each episode is zany fun for kids from 4 to 90, so check it out at -- and be sure to send Dr. Floyd and the gang an appreciative email for their OBSIDIAN story! (And don't forget to visit to learn how you can get your Dr. Floyd Decoder Ring!)

A note to Dr. Floyd fans -- and you know who you are -- keep in mind that this episode takes place before the events in Episode #613. For everyone else, enjoy this fun stand-alone episode!

Coming up next on 7th Son: OBSIDIAN: We return to "Voices From the Darkness" territory with more fan-created audio and video!

OBSIDIAN: Episode 18 by J.C. Hutchins


This week's short story showcase episode features the exciting conclusion of Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff's tale, Nemesis. This powerhouse of a novelette is packed with wordsmithing hot sauce: sex, violence, double-crosses and an ending that'll rock your socks. Please do yourself the favor of checking out Mark's other fiction -- the Shadow Falls audio drama series, Number One With A Bullet, Transistor Rodeo and much more -- by visiting his website,

And please send him an appreciative email for his OBSIDIAN story and stellar performance.

J.C. is mum during this episode's outro, but the intro is bursting with "talky-talk" pimpage of J.C.'s recent appearances in the podosophere:

Coming up next on 7th Son: OBSIDIAN: The cast of The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd experience the blackout. You'll giggle like a kid at this one!


OBSIDIAN: Episode 1 by J.C. Hutchins


Welcome to the debut episode of J.C. Hutchins' 7th Son: OBSIDIAN, the world's first podcast short story anthology based in an existing fictional universe. The universe is, of course, Hutchins' 7th Son Podcast Novel Trilogy.

Nearly 100 people have contributed to the OBSIDIAN experience. Tales from bestselling novelists, A-List podcast storytellers and 7th Son fans from around the globe will be featured in this anthology over the next 10 weeks. At least three episodes of content will be released each week, so prepare for full immersion into the OBSIDIAN blackout experience.

In the weeks ahead, you'll hear stories from these podcast entertainers: Michael A. Stackpole, Scott Sigler, Mur Lafferty, Matt Wallace, Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, Christiana Ellis, Evo Terra, Dan Klass, Wichita Rutherford, TD-0013, George Hrab, Soccergirl, and the cast of The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd.

Today's episode features the first half of the short story Miles To Go Before I Sleep, written and narrated by Tee Morris. Learn more about Tee's work -- and send him an appreciative email! -- at

There's huge news in J.C.'s "talky talk" intro and outro segments, including:

  • The big reveal about J.C.'s next novel, affectionately nicknamed CODE PHANTOM
  • The world premiere of Celldweller's instrumental version of "Birthright"
  • How you can download a full album of Celldweller songs -- including the full version of "Birthright" -- for free at
  • J.C.'s appearance on producer Shawn Bishop's podcast, Behind The Lines #14
  • The debut of J.C.'s text story, 7th Son: Runner, available as a mobile phone exclusive

Feedback about OBSIDIAN is welcome and appreciated! Send J.C. an email, leave a comment below, or call the Clone Line at 206-984-2566 (CLONE).