New World Orders

OBSIDIAN: Episode 18 by J.C. Hutchins


This week's short story showcase episode features the exciting conclusion of Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff's tale, Nemesis. This powerhouse of a novelette is packed with wordsmithing hot sauce: sex, violence, double-crosses and an ending that'll rock your socks. Please do yourself the favor of checking out Mark's other fiction -- the Shadow Falls audio drama series, Number One With A Bullet, Transistor Rodeo and much more -- by visiting his website,

And please send him an appreciative email for his OBSIDIAN story and stellar performance.

J.C. is mum during this episode's outro, but the intro is bursting with "talky-talk" pimpage of J.C.'s recent appearances in the podosophere:

Coming up next on 7th Son: OBSIDIAN: The cast of The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd experience the blackout. You'll giggle like a kid at this one!


OBSIDIAN Episode 14 by J.C. Hutchins


This week's OBSIDIAN short story episode begins with a much-chagrined J.C. pleading for your help to make nice-nice with the Podcasting Karma Gods. Why? Well, he totally blew a promise to fellow podcaster Guy David to promote Guy's ultra-cool OBSIDIAN-inspired "Night Guy" podcast episode. So please -- after you listen to this episode of OBSIDIAN -- check out Guy David's blackout version of The Night Guy.

On to this week's short story, titled Nemesis, written and narrated by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff. This is the first part of an epic suspense-filled novellette; its conclusion will debut next week. If you like what you hear, be sure to email Mark and tell him so. You can find Mark's contact information at

In J.C.'s intro "talky talk," he (doesn't) pimp:

Coming up next on 7th Son: OBSIDIAN: An incredible and poignant contribution from "The Bitterest Pill" creator Dan Klass, more "Voices from the Darkness" episodes, and -- if J.C. can get his shit together -- an OBSIDIAN Clone Line episode.


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