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UltraCreatives Interview #9: Chris Brogan by J.C. Hutchins


This week, author J.C. Hutchins interviews social media expert Chris Brogan. Chris has been a blogger for the past 10 years, is well-respected in the blogging and social media space, and is renowned for his accessibility, excellent writing, and ability to connect with his audience. Chris often evangelizes about social media trends -- and we get into that in the interview -- but J.C. also asks about Chris' personality and world view, and the philosophies that power his daily life and adventures in social media.

The recording is a little noisy; through the miracle of Skype, J.C. chatted with Chris while Chris did some work at a coffee shop. The cheerful ambience adds to the listening experience. Enjoy the conversation!

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J.C.'s intro chatter includes:

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