UltraCreatives Interview #3: Jeff Pulver / by J.C. Hutchins


The third episode of J.C.'s UltraCreatives Interview series brings Jeff Pulver -- co-founder of Vonage -- to the program. Jeff has been called a "serial entrepreneur," is a trailblazer in the VOIP industry, and is a social media evangelist. Most recently, Jeff created PULVER.TV, a new 24/7 television network on the internet.

During the chat J.C. and Jeff talk about PULVER.TV, the ultracreative drive of entrepreneurs, his passion for amateur radio, and a whole lot more. The conversation is both insightful and inspiring, and anyone with a creative streak will enjoy it.

Check out the great content at Pulver.TV here, and be sure to subscribe to his blog at JeffPulver.com.