Direct link: "7th Son: Runner" Installment #1 / by J.C. Hutchins


7th Son: Runner is my new serialized "cellphone-centric" text story, designed to be read on mobile phones. While you can learn all about the project here and here -- and get the skinny on how to receive SMS "text blast" announcements when new mobile installments are released -- I'll make episode announcements here on the blog, after they've been in the wild for a while. 7th Son: Runner chronicles the life of Dr. James DeFalco, a supporting (but long-lost) character from 7th Son, Book One: Descent. As you'll learn in this first text installment, the man has many a secret ... and while he doesn't know it, it's only a matter of time before he's hunted for those secrets. It's a story told in several parts; new installments drop every other week.

Next week will see the debut of the second episode in this serialized tale.

Visit those links above to get in on the action and receive immediate notifications when new 7th Son: Runner episodes are released. Blog announcements such as this one will come long after the most-recent episode has debuted, so if you want to be a part of the unfolding drama and action -- and learn how 7th Son: Runner affects the 7th Son universe more than you could ever have imagined -- sign up for the free "text blast" announcements (links above, natch), and read the episodes as they go live.

Here's the link to 7th Son: Runner's first installment. Link goes to a simple .txt file, which you can read on-screen, print, or save to your computer. Enjoy ... and be sure to sign up for the "text blast" list!