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A Special Message from Author Seth Harwood by J.C. Hutchins

I rarely let anyone commandeer my website -- or my podcast feed -- but Seth Harwood's got something important to share, and I can't say no to ultra-talented colleagues. I hope you enjoy his audio message, and support the release of Young Junius! --J.C.


What’s up, everybody, it’s your favorite crime caper commentator Seth Harwood aka Your Boy here to take over J.C.’s feed and give out some audio Young Junius lovin’!

This recording comes from an event I did recently at Borderlands Books here in San Francisco with Scott Sigler. That’s right, the FDO himself showed up and read a few lines. I know you’ll enjoy this section!

Click here to download or listen now.

If you’d like to order your own copy of Young Junius the print novel from Tyrus Books, listen to the complete podcast or read it as a free PDF, come on over to my site now. I hope you’ll spread the word about it if you do.

Enjoy and have a happy holiday!


Free PDF: "Young Junius" by Seth Harwood by J.C. Hutchins


When asked, I never pass up an opportunity to vociferously champion the work of fellow new media creators -- which is why I'm thrilled and honored to present this free PDF of author Seth Harwood's brilliant thriller, Young Junius. Here's the jacket copy for Young Junius:

In 1987, fourteen-year-old Junius Posey sets out on the cold Cambridge (Mass.) streets to find his brother’s killer in a cluster of low-income housing towers—prime drug-dealing territory. After committing a murder to protect his friend, he finds himself without protection from retribution. His mother gives him fifty dollars and instructions to run, but Junius refuses to live a life in hiding. Instead, shocked by the violence he’s created and determined to see its consequences, he returns to the towers to complete his original mission.
I've read this book, and it's wonderful. But don't take my word for it -- check what these mainstream book critics and influencers have said about Harwood's terrific work:
"Harwood’s cutaway view of a single bloody day in a housing project is an impressive feat . . . Harwood’s empathy runs deeply indeed." -- Booklist (review: Young Junius)
"Searing ... a vicious black comedy of murderous errors. Harwood pulls no punches." -- Publishers Weekly (review: Young Junius)
"I loved the way he drew a canvas and filled it with characters. I'm still afraid of some of them." -- Seth Godin on Seth Harwood's Jack Wakes Up
Want to learn more? Check out the free PDF (linked below), and learn how you can support the print release of Seth Harwood's Young Junius by visiting Seth's website.

Interview: Seth Harwood, Author of "Young Junius" by J.C. Hutchins


Kick back and enjoy J.C.'s interview with crime fiction author Seth Harwood, whose latest and greatest novel-length work, Young Junius, will soon be on sale in a killer limited edition hardcover edition. Learn about the novel, Seth's innovative partnership with publisher Tyrus Books and the unique challenges Seth experienced while writing this terrific book. Most important, pick up YOUR limited edition hardcover copy of Young Junius starting tomorrow, May 5. It's "Cinco de Junius," and you're invited to party!

From Seth's site:

Tyrus Books and I are printing a limited run of numbered, signed special edition copies of YOUNG JUNIUS for you, the die-hard Palms Family fans. This edition will be covered by a special, embossed dust jacket featuring artwork by my boys Jerry Scullion and Bob Ostrom. Inside, there will be a b&w insert with photos of some of the book's locations. A cloth binding, a metallic spine stamp, and more fun features will round out this gorgeous edition. We're looking at a run of less than 1,000 copies total. Once we sell them out, they're gone!

Get your learn on about the book at Seth's website, and be sure to order your copy using the coupon code "HUTCH." This'll save you a few bucks!

And be sure to check out Seth's LIVE May 5 call-in show with the good folks at Podioracket. Visit for more information!

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