A Special Message from Author Seth Harwood / by J.C. Hutchins

I rarely let anyone commandeer my website -- or my podcast feed -- but Seth Harwood's got something important to share, and I can't say no to ultra-talented colleagues. I hope you enjoy his audio message, and support the release of Young Junius! --J.C.


What’s up, everybody, it’s your favorite crime caper commentator Seth Harwood aka Your Boy here to take over J.C.’s feed and give out some audio Young Junius lovin’!

This recording comes from an event I did recently at Borderlands Books here in San Francisco with Scott Sigler. That’s right, the FDO himself showed up and read a few lines. I know you’ll enjoy this section!

Click here to download or listen now.

If you’d like to order your own copy of Young Junius the print novel from Tyrus Books, listen to the complete podcast or read it as a free PDF, come on over to my site now. I hope you’ll spread the word about it if you do.

Enjoy and have a happy holiday!