UltraCreatives Interview #8: Scott Sigler by J.C. Hutchins


It's the eighth episode of the UltraCreatives Interview Series, and this week J.C. chats with sci-fi/horror novelist and podcaster Scott Sigler.

Sigler has blazed new trails in publishing by podcasting his novels for the past three years ... and now, just days away from the debut of his novel INFECTED in bookstores everywhere, Scott discusses his professional drive, his creative inspirations, his unique story in publishing, the INFECTED release ... and even what frightens him.

This is a must-listen interview with the master of horror podfiction!

Links mentioned in the interview:

Two calls to action in this week's intro!

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  2. Spread the word for Sigler! Share this episode's shownotes URL with your friends, family members and bloggers you admire. Tell them about Scott's success story, and encourage them to evangelize this interview (which provides an excellent introduction to Scott and his work) on their own blogs. Let the world know about the April 1 release of INFECTED in bookstores everywhere!

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(Note: J.C. is aware that there's a very brief "voiceover remnant" from the last UltraCreatives interview in this podcast. The interruption is two seconds long, and shouldn't detract from your listening experience.)

J.C. Hutchins is an SOB... by J.C. Hutchins

While at least one podcaster I know has gone on record as calling me a "sonuvabitch," I am supremely proud to be officially knighted as a true SOB by superblogger Liz Strauss at her site, Successful Blog. This is an honor, and I'm grateful to Liz for the recognition.

In Liz Strauss' world, the mischievous acronym stands for "Successful and Outstanding Blogger." There are bazillions of blogs in the 'sphere, but only a select few are awarded this distinction. According to Liz, SOBs:

(T)ake the conversation to their readers, contribute great ideas, challenge us, make us better, and make our businesses stronger. ... Good conversation shared can only improve the blogging community.

I had the great pleasure to chat at length with Liz at SXSW earlier this month, and will soon have her on the UltraCreatives Interview Series to share her perspectives on social media ... and more important, success. I'll also be helping her spread the word in the podosphere about SOBcon 2008, a brilliant conference designed to empower people to embrace their creative passions, and launch online businesses. It's a remarkable venture, and I'm honored to help Liz evangelize the cause.

I've been an avid reader of Liz's Successful Blog for months now, and highly recommend it for practical (and philosophical) tips on how to be a better contributor to the online community. Check it out ... and thanks again to Liz for this prized distinction!