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OBSIDIAN Episode 15 by J.C. Hutchins


This week's must-listen OBSIDIAN short-short is by Dan Klass. This is a masterpiece of audio fiction, and J.C. considers it one of the crown jewels in the OBSIDIAN anthology.

Dan Klass is the host and creator of "The Bitterest Pill," an award-winning podcast in which he talks about his life on the outskirts of the entertainment industry while raising his kids under the flight path at LAX.  The show has been described by The New York Times as "intelligent," "endearing," and "sublime," and has been featured on NPR, NBC 4, Fox News and in USAToday.com and The Christian Science Monitor.  He is also the co-author of Podcast Solutions: The Complete Guide to Audio and Video Podcasting.

Please subscribe to The Bitterest Pill -- and send Dan Klass a well-deserved appreciative email -- by visiting TheBitterestPill.com.

J.C. also unleashes gobs of timely news in his "talky-talk" intro and outro, including:

  • Parts One and Two of J.C.'s fun interview with Joe on the OnThePodcast podcast, featuring some delicious tidbits about J.C.'s next book, Personal Effects: Dark Art
  • An opportunity to lend a helping hand to 7th Son superfan Gemini and her family by making a donation at the Time Well Wasted blog
  • A mini-geekout update about Personal Effects: Dark Art, and its state of production
  • The 7th Son T-shirt store at Geeklabel.com is closing on Aug. 15. If you want to snag a shirt or two (at less than $15 a pop), get crackin'
  • The world premiere of a brand-new Celldweller song -- this one is the ultra-intense, incredible "Birthright (Birthwrong Remix by Blue Stahli)". The full song is available here in this episode; download the song for free at FixtOnline.com/FreeDownloads.html

Coming up next on 7th Son: OBSIDIAN: A very special "Voices From the Darkness" episode!

UltraCreatives Interview #8: Scott Sigler by J.C. Hutchins


It's the eighth episode of the UltraCreatives Interview Series, and this week J.C. chats with sci-fi/horror novelist and podcaster Scott Sigler.

Sigler has blazed new trails in publishing by podcasting his novels for the past three years ... and now, just days away from the debut of his novel INFECTED in bookstores everywhere, Scott discusses his professional drive, his creative inspirations, his unique story in publishing, the INFECTED release ... and even what frightens him.

This is a must-listen interview with the master of horror podfiction!

Links mentioned in the interview:

Two calls to action in this week's intro!

  1. Would you like to hear informal "audioblog"-style podcast updates from J.C. Hutchins about his upcoming fiction projects? Send him an email and tell him so!
  2. Spread the word for Sigler! Share this episode's shownotes URL with your friends, family members and bloggers you admire. Tell them about Scott's success story, and encourage them to evangelize this interview (which provides an excellent introduction to Scott and his work) on their own blogs. Let the world know about the April 1 release of INFECTED in bookstores everywhere!

Subscribe to the UltraCreatives Interview Series podcast -- and J.C.'s free sci-fi podcast novel trilogy, 7th Son -- by visiting the Podcasting Primer page. Be sure to watch the short "C2G (click, click, get)" video for easy-peasy instructions on how to quickly subscribe to this award-winning content.


(Note: J.C. is aware that there's a very brief "voiceover remnant" from the last UltraCreatives interview in this podcast. The interruption is two seconds long, and shouldn't detract from your listening experience.)