OBSIDIAN Episode 22: "Voices From the Darkness" / by J.C. Hutchins


Welcome to the fifth audio episode of "Voices From The Darkness," a set of stories set during 7th Son: OBSIDIAN blackout. Voices From The Darkness is a series that is entirely created by you, and people just like you: 7S fans from across the globe.

I've been amazed by these contributions, and the experiment in fiction that they represent. Ultimately, VFTD reveals, at least to me, that a creator of a fictional world can successfully open up his universe for not just other authors -- which is what OBSIDIAN's short stories do -- but to fans, and receive world-class, world-building, universe-enhancing entertainment from them. VFTD is remarkable in that it proves that the membrane between audience and author isn't just flexible, it's downright breakable, and that the roles can be reversed in a way that everybody benefits.

I'm delighted to be a spectator for the OBSIDIAN experience -- for these episodes specifically -- and I'm proud of what you have created here. And so, let's turn the lights off, and once again dive into the calls from the blackout. Behold, the world that you and your fellow fans have created: a world where, when the power fails, chaos reigns...


Note: I will post contributors' names and links in this entry next week, after return from Dragon*Con. Thanks for your patience!