J.C.'s Dragon*Con schedule / by J.C. Hutchins


From tomorrow until next Tuesday morning, I'll be hanging with 7th Son fans, knocking back booze with fellow podcasters, making new friends, and waiting patiently for elevators at Dragon*Con in Atlanta! This'll be my third year attending the convention. It's always a blast. Continuing my tradition of being overextended and running myself ragged at the con (I always vow to "dial back" my commitments, but it never seems to work out that way), I've got lots of adventures-in-the-making this year. If you're attending the con and want to meet me -- because I most certainly want to meet you -- here's a list of the scheduled events I'll definietly be attending.

Pimps and Hos Party II Last year, I co-hosted this event with Scott Sigler. It was a night of mayhem and hella good times. This year, I'm content to bow out on hosting duties, but will be in attendance. I promise no pimp threads, but I will cut a rug with ya, if you ask! Time: Friday night, in the Hyatt hotel (room TDB)

I Should Be Writing Episode 100 Celebration LIVE! Award winning author and podcaster Mur Lafferty brings her I Should be Writing show to Dragon*Con to celebrate its 100th episode. Mur recently told me she might ask authors to help with the show, so I'll be there to watch and assist, if needed. Time: Sat 10:00 am

The Third Annual Parsec Awards Join us for the Third Annual Parsec Awards hosted by some your favorite podcasters. The Parsec Award is available for Sci-fi & Fantasy Original Content, Speculative Fiction and a variety of other categories dealing with the new frontiers of Portable Media. My novel 7th Son, Book Three: Destruction has been nominated for a Parsec in the Long Form Fiction catergory. Time: Sat 7:00 pm

Books & Blackwell Party Meet authors Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine, and multi-talented artist J.R. Blackwell at this book launch, art show and costume party. Time: After the Parsecs, in the Hyatt (room TBD)

The Art of Writing for Audio Learn how to adapt your written work into a podcast or podiobook from the award winning folks who make it happen, and find out the special tricks of the trade podcasters use to make their podcast novel stand out. I'm a panelist. Time: Sun 10:00 am

Babbling Writers Come along and listen as writers discuss what it's like to podcast about the subject that is nearest and dearest to them -- fiction writing. They should be writing, but instead they're talking about it. I'm a babbling panelist. Time: Sun 7:00 pm

Podcast Peer Awards Ceremony The Second Annual Podcast Peer Awards Ceremony celebrating podcasters nominated by their bretheren, hosted by Dave Hitt, LIVE at Dragon*Con. I will be accepting my awards for Best Podcast Novel (for 7th Son, Book Three) and Best Arts/Entertainment Podcast (for UltraCreatives). Time: Sun 10:00 pm

Podcasting Into the Future Where is podcasting going, where is it taking us? A look at the possible future of podcasting and how we can make sure to not be left behind. Look at the new technology and upcoming innovations. I'm a panelist. Time: Mon 11:30 am

Talk Back to the Podcasters! Are you a rabid fan of podcasting or even a certain podcaster? Come go all "fan boy" on the podcasters.  No question is off limits. I'm a panelist. (And yes, there are mos def questions that are off-limits.) Time: Mon 1:00 pm

Can't wait to see you there!