Why 7th Son fans rock my effing socks / by J.C. Hutchins

Words cannot describe how awesome 7th Son listener Helljack is. From a recent blog post: "I've mentioned J.C. Hutchins a couple of times in the past. His three-fucking-book atomic bomb of a tale 7th Son is something that vaults the line well past genius. If you have never tuned into single retinal-dilating, heart-stammering, brain-crushing chapter...then you, my friend, must either have an inner ear condition that inhibits your enjoyment of audio bliss or a serious desire to live your life to only half its enjoyment capabilities. Heh...yeah, it's that good..."

I bet Stephen King himself doesn't get such killer write-ups from readers. Helljack, you and every other 7th Son fan out there rock my little world.