Support the GRIFFIN/HALE ticket! / by J.C. Hutchins

After some irreverent pondering (and some mischievous encouragement from some Twitter friends), I decided to whip up a bumper sticker in support of your favorite 7th Son presidential candidates, Hank "Gator" Griffin and Vincent Hale. (In honor of 7th Son's prologue, there's a hearty spattering of, ahem, red in the design.)

The GRIFFIN/HALE 2008 sticker is only three bucks, and I don't take a cut of the cash. Naturally, you're doing the 7th Son trilogy a favor by slapping one of these blood-soaked stickers on your ride: The Griffin/Hale website address will redirect to this site. :) The sticker is available for purchase here.

This November, re-elect character and faith! Re-elect Griffin and Hale!