friday the 13th

DIAL "10" FOR MURDER -- One-Day Contest! by J.C. Hutchins

I'm so thrilled by Friday the 13th writer Victor Miller's video endorsement of Personal Effects: Dark Art, I want the whole world to know about it. And I want YOU to help me. You may win a signed copy of the novel for your efforts!

How can you score this killer swag? Easy. Grab your cell phone. Call 10 friends. Tell them to visit this webpage...

That will bring them to the page you're reading right now. And then tell them to watch the 2-minute trailer. That's it.

If you want to sex it up a bit, you can also tell them...

  • About Personal Effects: Dark Art
  • About how, using no industry contacts and no money, I personally reached out to the creator of Jason Voorhees
  • That Victor Miller read the book
  • He was so impressed, he filmed this badass video testimonial
  • They can find even more cool trailers at

That's it, peeps. Call 10 friends. (Leaving voice mail is okay.) Tell them to visit Fill out the form below, telling me you've done your part to spread the word. Two insanely lucky participants will win a signed copy of Personal Effects: Dark Art. This contest runs only for today, Thursday, April 9.

If you're one of the "10 friends" who were called, and are reading this now, you can participate too! Call 10 of your friends, repeat the steps above, and you'll be in the running.

Word of mouth is what will make Personal Effects: Dark Art a success. Dialing for novels makes it fun. You've got 10 friends, dontcha? Of course you do. So call 'em up, chat 'em up, get 'em here ... and have them meet "Jason's father"!

"Personal Effects: Dark Art" Book Trailer #3: Victor Miller by J.C. Hutchins

My groundbreaking "vlurb" book trailer series for Personal Effects: Dark Art continues with this installment from living horror legend Victor Miller. This is the man who wrote the original Friday the 13th, and created Jason Voorhees, the iconic slayer who's chopped his way from Crystal Lake to Manhattan to Hell ... and back again. I am humbled and honored to have Victor appear here. He read the book. He enjoyed it. And he has a few things to say to you. Listen well, take his advice ... and stick around after the end credits for a nice surprise.

Co-producer/editor Michael Bekemeyer gets continued mad props for his brilliance in the cutting room. Find the first two trailers here.

Please spread the word about this ongoing, groundbreaking video promotion by embedding the video on your blog. Email this page to friends. Tweet it. Facebook it. If you think this video is worthy of sharing, please do what you can to spread the word.

So click play. Crank it up. Be afraid of The Dark.

More videos are coming. Personal Effects: Dark Art. In bookstores everywhere this June. Pre-order now.