Beta Clone Army Update - Episode 1 by J.C. Hutchins

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Welcome to the first Beta Clone Army Update episode!

Each week, J.C. will deliver timely updates on the ascent of 7th Son: Descent, supercool Ministry Of Propaganda street team missions from Natasha, and your Clone Line calls. It's fan-fueled goodness at its finest! In this debut episode, J.C. chats about:

  • "The stakes" we're facing with 7th Son's release
  • The new Beta Clone Army Rewards Program for multi-book purchases
  • A quick report on buzz/sales, based on Amazon rankings (It's good news!)
  • The new 7th Son audio promo, and his availability for podcast/blog interviews


  • Email 10 friends. Talk up the release of 7th Son: Descent.
  • Send them the first serialized PDF of Descent either as an attachment, or URL link.
  • The URL to click and share is:
  • CC J.C. on your email (his email address:
  • Contact 10 friends by OCT 23 and get mentioned on the Agents of the Ministry page and be in the running for a free signed copy of Descent
  • Mission completion after Oct. 23 still earns you a place on the Agents page

The Beta Clone Army Update anthem is "Birthright: Birthwrong Remix" by Celldweller and Blue Stahli. Learn more about the artists at and

The Ministry of Propaganda anthem is "Korobeiniki" by Ozma. Learn more about the band at

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