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The Beta Clone Army Rewards Program by J.C. Hutchins

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Most 7th Son fans have waited years to purchase a print copy of 7th Son: Descent ... and many have told J.C they plan to purchase additional copies for friends and family. To show his appreciation, J.C. has unleashed the Beta Clone Army REWARDS PROGRAM.

This exclusive program, which will run from October to January 1, 2010, is the only way you can obtain these exclusive rewards during this time. Folks (and their friends) can team up to bring supersales and ensure 7th Son: Descent's success ... and secure the rest of the 7th Son trilogy in print.

One superfan, John Merlin, wrangled 9 friends to purchase 100 copies! Making good on his Rewards Program promise, J.C. will fly to England to personally thank and hang with John. He'll fly to YOUR locale if you do the same!

To be eligible for these rewards, you must buy the book and email J.C. a photo, scan or screen cap of your purchase receipt. In exchange for your support when 7th Son: Descent needs it the most, you'll receive:

Beta Clone Army Lieutenant: 3 Copies

  • A personally signed and numbered Limited Edition 7th Son: Descent postcard for each copy purchased

Beta Clone Army Captain: 5 Copies

  • Signed/numbered Descent postcards
  • Laminated "Code Phantom Clearance" badge customized with your name

Beta Clone Army Major: 10 Copies

  • "Beta Clone Captain" rewards, plus:
  • Beta Clone test tube, with "blood sample"
  • Custom-signed PDF of 7th Son: 7 Days prequel anthology

Beta Clone Colonel: 15 Copies

  • "Beta Clone Major" rewards, plus:
  • "Michael Smith" USMC dog tags

John: 20 Copies

  • "Beta Clone Colonel" rewards, plus:
  • Signed Limited Edition Anyman CD (with 2 CD-exclusive bonus songs)

Kilroy2.0: 50 Copies

  • "John" rewards, plus:
  • Numbered "Beta Clone: Elite Forces" T-shirt
  • Signed Ultra-Limited Ed. 7th Son: 7 Days PRINT book
  • 30 minutes on the phone with J.C. to talk writing, social media, whatever you like

Beta Clone General (Gen. Hill): 77 Copies

  • "Kilroy2.0" rewards, plus:
  • Signed ultra-limited 20-page "Code Phantom Dossier" report on Project 7th Son, with photos, handmade by J.C.
  • 60 minutes on the phone with J.C. to talk writing, social media, etc.

Code Phantom Clearance: 100 Copies

  • "Beta Clone General" rewards, plus:
  • J.C. will fly to your location and hang for the day (dinner's on him) :)

John Alpha Supervillain Status: 200 Copies

  • "Code Phantom" rewards, plus:
  • J.C. will fly to your location and spend an additional full day with you and friends, consult with your company, present at school, etc.

So show your superfan support for 7th Son: Descent! Purchase multiple copies! Score exclusive swag! If you need to, hit J.C. with questions about the Beta Clone Army Rewards program by sending him an email.

Onward, into battle!

Beta Clone Army Update - Episode 1 by J.C. Hutchins

Beta Clone Army Logo

Welcome to the first Beta Clone Army Update episode!

Each week, J.C. will deliver timely updates on the ascent of 7th Son: Descent, supercool Ministry Of Propaganda street team missions from Natasha, and your Clone Line calls. It's fan-fueled goodness at its finest! In this debut episode, J.C. chats about:

  • "The stakes" we're facing with 7th Son's release
  • The new Beta Clone Army Rewards Program for multi-book purchases
  • A quick report on buzz/sales, based on Amazon rankings (It's good news!)
  • The new 7th Son audio promo, and his availability for podcast/blog interviews


  • Email 10 friends. Talk up the release of 7th Son: Descent.
  • Send them the first serialized PDF of Descent either as an attachment, or URL link.
  • The URL to click and share is:
  • CC J.C. on your email (his email address:
  • Contact 10 friends by OCT 23 and get mentioned on the Agents of the Ministry page and be in the running for a free signed copy of Descent
  • Mission completion after Oct. 23 still earns you a place on the Agents page

The Beta Clone Army Update anthem is "Birthright: Birthwrong Remix" by Celldweller and Blue Stahli. Learn more about the artists at and

The Ministry of Propaganda anthem is "Korobeiniki" by Ozma. Learn more about the band at

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