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Personal Effects reviewed at the "A Life In The Day" blog by J.C. Hutchins

Make no mistake: As an author, I'm tremendously grateful for the positive reviews that industry publications such as Publishers Weekly and The Library Journal have recently given my debut thriller, Personal Effects: Dark Art. Those publications' comments represent invaluable validation of my skills, and bring credibility to the story I've told. But nothing beats the comments of a "real" reader (like this one) -- someone like you and me, an in-the-trenches lover of books who's far removed from the publishing biz. That's why I was delighted to read Greg's comments over at his A Life In The Day blog, in which he reviewed Dark Art. A snippet:

(P)eppered throughout the book and the included papers are websites to visit with background on the characters and on The Brink, phone numbers and voicemail codes .... All these enhance the total experience, and I found myself more invested in how the novel played out. ...

As for the story itself, J.C. Hutchins and Jordan Weisman have crafted a fine horror/thriller that can stand on its own, without the "out of book" experience. Incredibly well-drawn characters ... and an involving story made this a novel that I didn't want to put down. I had to know what happened next to the characters, and some nights begrudgingly set aside the book so I could get some sleep.

You can't beat that review with a stick, peeps. Many thanks to Greg for the killer review. Check it out here -- and if you’d like to support this trailblazing new breed of storytelling, consider pre-ordering a copy of the book.

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