Media maven C.C. Chapman reviews Personal Effects / by J.C. Hutchins

C.C. Chapman

As I've galivanted around the New Media space for the past three years, I've made some tremendously talented and kind-hearted friends. One of the most talented and kind-hearted is C.C. Chapman, host of the Accident Hash and Managing the Gray podcasts, and co-founder of The Advance Guard, a trailblazing social media marketing company. The man has a heart of gold, but holds no punches when it comes to critiquing ideas or fiction. Which is why I am stoked beyond words when he called me "one twisted, demented and talented writer" in his review of my debut thriller, Personal Effects: Dark Art.

You gotta read his review, as it sums up much of the vibe I was gunning for while writing the novel. Some highlights:

  • "One part CSI, two parts Fringe, a dash of X-Files with a healthy dose of Sneakers and a dash of Suicide Girls thrown in for good measure..."
  • "As with most good books, it was over far too fast..."
  • "Hutch has a way of giving you just enough back story and little details about every character that you crave more, while you fall in love with them..."
  • "If you’ve ever enjoyed something by Steven King or James Patterson, then you are definitely going to dig this book..."

I'm honored and flattered that C.C. enjoyed the book so much. So, go. Read his review, and check out his own killer content. And take his advice: "Trust me, and order a copy today." :)