Anyman EP Track 6: "Do This For Me (Bonus Percussion Version)" / by J.C. Hutchins

Anyman Cover

"Do This For Me (Bonus Percussion Version)" is the sixth of six free folk songs from Anyman, written and performed by John Smith, which were released on a weekly schedule here at

While a link to more songs was mentioned in John's 7th Son: 7 Days prequel story, J.C. wanted to provide all five songs to all 7th Son fans. This is the bonus track, a version of "Do This For Me" with a light percussion background.

Miami resident John Smith, a character in J.C.'s upcoming thriller 7th Son: Descent, is a man who dreams big ... but lives a small life. Determined to change his life's course, he recorded a five-song EP titled Anyman, and posted it to the Web. This occurred two weeks before the events seen in 7th Son: Descent.

Lyrics for this song appear beneath the audio player. Learn more about 7th Son: Descent’s print novel release here. Order your copy today.

"Do This For Me" Lyrics

Lemme lay out the situation
The house I'm living in
Is made of blame and condemnation
I'm lookin' to move out
When the goin's tough
That's what I'm all about

Now you could be
A big help to me
Lemme slip on in
So I can start all over again

Let's explore the opportunity
I'm in your hands
Get a grip and think what you could make of me
You're on top in this scenario
But when the time is right
I'll be your impresario

Do this for me
It's a simple thing
For a complex girl
Do this for me
And I'll make sure
That I do right by you

Take your time on this decision
I got nowhere to be
And the sun is barely risen
All while you're thinkin'
I'll be down here
Persuadin' and convincin'