Free fiction PDF: "The Caffeine Collection - The 39" / by J.C. Hutchins


Check out this badassery: My pal and fellow writer/podcaster Steve Saylor recently released a new collection of short stories called The Caffeine Collection -- and he wants YOU to get a free sneak peek! Yummy free fiction in PDF form ... it doesn't get any better than that, peeps! He and brilliant musician (and businessman) Geoff Smith have combined forces to create an innovative new series and way to distribute it! Check this tweaked excerpt from a recent press release Steve circulated:

From science fiction and fantasy, to action and comedy, there is a genre for anyone's taste. Steve Saylor started writing "The Caffeine Collection" after the launch of his podcast novel "Black Shadow" in December of 2007. He wrote most of the collection at his local Starbucks during the summer of 2009 -- which inspired its title.

What's equally noteworthy is how Saylor is using Smith's "RingtoneFeeder" platform to sell and distribute the series.

RingtoneFeeder is an innovative approach to distributing digital content, such as ringtones. The service offers a paid subscription model which automatically installs original ringtones to an iPhone via iTunes. Saylor's The Caffeine Collection uses this proven delivery method and model to distribute stories to paid subscribers.

"I am super excited to be the first to distribute a short story collection in the same way," Saylor said. "This is an experiment which could revolutionize the way authors can publish their work."

I'm pretty excited about it too -- and will be closely watching Steve's success. In the meantime, you should learn more about Steve's work, and bebop over to The Caffeine Collection RingtoneFeeder page to experience more risk-free fiction before deciding to support his work. And of course, check out the below link to the free short story Steve's given us: The 39. Enjoy!