Anyman EP Track 2: "Rockefeller Center" / by J.C. Hutchins

Anyman Cover

"Rockefeller Center" is the second of six free folk songs from Anyman, written and performed by John Smith, which will be released on a weekly schedule here at

While a link to more songs was mentioned in John's 7th Son: 7 Days prequel story, J.C. wanted to provide all five songs to all 7th Son fans ... with a bonus track on the sixth week. Miami resident John Smith, a character in J.C.'s upcoming thriller 7th Son: Descent, is a man who dreams big ... but lives a small life. Determined to change his life's course, he recorded a five-song EP titled Anyman, and posted it to the Web. This occurred two weeks before the events seen in 7th Son: Descent.

Lyrics for this song appear beneath the audio player. Learn more about 7th Son: Descent’s print novel release here. Order your copy today.

"Rockefeller Center" Lyrics

You say it's a waste
Wasting my time
Maybe it's true
I hide behind rhymes

I can't defend
My wandering heart
Trapdoors and tripwire
In all that I start

If I stray from this meandering path
Just to keep you from fading into my past
Every kiss and embrace will be worse than worthless
We'll dig us a hole from running in circles
Hiding From my Rockefeller Center

My windmill to tilt
My albatross to train
I don't need you to get it
If it's all the same
Would you rather I thanked you
Or held you to blame?

I'm forever grateful for all you've endured
But you're like a reward that's also a lure
You made me go deep and before I could surface
I lost my way and mislaid my purpose
To find
My Rockefeller Center