Sword of Blood "Grand Design of Nine" PDF / by J.C. Hutchins

No Personal Effects story is complete without a transmedia experience. Behold, Sword of Blood's -- a PDF featuring the "Grand Design of Nine" quilt designs described in the novella! (Note: Do NOT view this PDF if you haven't listened to Episode 6 of the story, lest you be spoiled.)

SYNOPSIS: This 24-page PDF file reveals real photos of the "Grand Design of Nine" quilt blocks described in Personal Effects: Sword of Blood. This transmedia experience allows you to see the quilt blocks as hero Zach Taylor did, and view the encoded "buttonhole" text -- as well as the hidden designs mentioned in the novella.

This PDF release marks the conclusion of Personal Effects: Sword of Blood. Hutch hopes you enjoyed the story, and will check out its follow-up, the groundbreaking transmedia novel, Personal Effects: Dark Art!