Personal Effects covered on several blogs, podcasts / by J.C. Hutchins

Hey there! Yesterday was a huge day for Personal Effects: Dark Art (see liveblogging reports here and here; older updates are at the bottom the page), and we kicked some major booty. The adventure's just starting, however. If you're new to and want to learn more about Personal Effects, please visit this page. There, you'll get the full skinny on this groundbreaking novel (which I co-authored with game designer Jordan Weisman). Be sure to check out the sidebar on that page for even more goodies and information about the book.

New fans and old can feast thier peepers and ears on these really cool blogs/projects/podcasts that rolled out recently, all covering PE:DA:

If you enjoy this content, and are persuaded to purchase a copy of Personal Effects: Dark Art, the book is now available in North American bookstores, and for immediate purchase online.

Jetpack on! Higher! Higher!