Check for previous updates ... the URL for this page is . Welcome to the Personal Effects: Dark Art LIVEBLOG experiment! Today is the release date for Personal Effects in North American bookstores, and I'll be documenting the entire experience -- from sales rankings, to giveaways, to content YOU send me -- here throughout the day. Be a part of the celebration and ORDER THE BOOK HERE.

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12:55 AM

I've been liveblogging straight since 7:45 AM. I am, as they say, beat to shit.

But I am smiling, and soaring. And that's thanks to you.

You made this happen -- and I'm not just talking about today's debut of Personal Effects: Dark Art. When I say "this," I mean all of it: the success of the 7th Son podcast novel trilogy (which helped me score the PE:DA gig), overcoming the crushing deadline to deliver this project, the faith to keep writing, the friendships that have blossomed during the past three years, the crazy unconventional stuff that I do ...

... you did it. You fueled it. You inspired me.

You will always inspire me.

The words "thank you" are absolutely inadequate to describe my gratitude to you. They'll never do justice to -- I'll never be able to do justice to -- the pride and honor I feel to know you, and to know that I am supported by you. The success of all those yesterdays, and today, and beyond have hinged on you. You've never disappointed me, and you certainly didn't today.

I try my best to dazzle you with my stories, and my crazy promotions, and my tweets, and my podcasts. Know that you always dazzle me.

This isn't the end of the Personal Effects run. It's the beginning. Consistency and longevity on sales charts, and in bookstores, will ensure this novel's success. I'll need your continued help in the weeks ahead. I'll be asking for that help sooner than you might think. We need to knock this sucker out of the ballpark ... and with you by my side, I know we can do just that.

But that comes tomorrow. Right now, know that I am humbled by your generosity and kind words, and you outstanding display of support. You did it. You made this happen.

FINAL tally for our Personal Effects: Dark Art launch celebration:

  • #8 in sci-fi (the record)
  • #20 in fantasy (down from 19, which was the record)
  • #60 in mystery & thrillers (down from 59, which was the record)
  • #280 overall (up from 282, the previous record)
  • #1 in the "Hot New Releases" for science-fiction (the record)
  • #6 in "Hot New Releases" for sci-fi & fantasy (the record)
  • #42 in the "Hot New Releases" section for mysteries & thrillers (the record)

You ... rock.



Current sales rank online: 8 in sci-fi (holding strong), 20 in fantasy (down from 19, the record), 59 in mystery & thrillers (holding strong), 282 overall (up from 290, a record)!

Also, the book is currently #1 in the "Hot New Releases" for science-fiction, #6 in "Hot New Releases" for sci-fi & fantasy (holding strong, the record), and #42 in the "Hot New Releases" section for mysteries & thrillers (holding strong, the record).

You guys are KILLING IT! Time for late-night brick-and-mortar purchases on the West Coast, or a midnight "snack" at your favorite online retailer! ;)

11:55 PM

So cool. Pix are still rolling in. Meet your fellow PE:DA superfans! I'm honored to have so many generous people in my life...

Rani Bush


Rich Ragan


Dave Fisk


Tony Artym


11:37 PM

A reminder about the three Personal Effects: Dark Art giveaways that end at MIDNIGHT EAST COAST TIME. (That's in about 20 minutes!)

Here are the deets about the THREE giveaways currently underway for today:

1) Call 206-984-2992, follow the instructions in the message, and then send me an email ( telling me what you said.

2) Visit the Trailers page, and post one of the vlurbs on your site, tweet it, or email FIVE friends, and then send me an email ( stating your mission compliance.

3) This one's sinfully easy, but critically important. The gig:

  • This is about personal word of mouth
  • Email TEN FRIENDS / FAMILY MEMBERS who you dig most dearly
  • Direct them to
  • Tell them all about Personal Effects: Dark Art, and ask them to watch the main video on the home page
  • CC me -- -- on your email
  • That's it.

I'll randomly select two winners from each bunch. The prizes: signed copies of Personal Effects: Dark Art. That's SIX FREE BOOKS up for grabs! If you wanna play, now's the time. The clock's ticking!

11:25 PM

I posted one of these videos already, but I love Lynette Radio so much, I thought I'd post both of her awesome vids! Check out her shopping/unboxing experience!

11:10 PM

Current sales rank online: 8 in sci-fi (holding strong), 19 in fantasy (up from 21!), 59 in mystery & thrillers (up from from 66!), 290 overall (up from 330)!


Also, the book is currently #1 in the "Hot New Releases" for science-fiction, #6 in "Hot New Releases" for sci-fi & fantasy (up from #7 -- it's me vs. ), and #42 in the "Hot New Releases" section for mysteries & thrillers (up from 46!).

Keep bringing it, peeps! You rule!

11:05 PM

Even MORE images are rolling in from happy Personal Effects: Dark Art owners! I'm reeling from your generosity and enthusiasm! If YOU have a pic of you with your copy of PE:DA, email it to me:!

Amy Bowen


C.C. Chapman


Dan Paddock


David's Daughter


David Taylor


Doug's Boy!


Jason Penney






Laura Burns


Lisa T


Luis (devouring his copy)






WifePick and DaughterPick