Free PDF: Chapters 1-3 of JACK WAKES UP, book in stores today / by J.C. Hutchins

Buy Seth Harwood's "Jack Wakes Up" today!

Seth Harwood, the first crime fiction podiobook novelist, is one bad mamma-jamma. Last year, he snagged a print deal with an indie publisher for his supremely cool Jack Wakes Up, the first in his compelling Jack Palms novel series. (Listen to my 2008 interview with him here.) This year, that same novel is available from Three Rivers Press, a division of very mainstream Random House. Seth has hit The Show, people. The big leagues. This is a coup, and is a testament to Harwood's talents, and the power of his fans. The book is in bookstores everywhere TODAY ... and to celebrate this awesome event, Seth is releasing the first three chapters of Jack Wakes Up as a free PDF download. I'm releasing it here at to support the cause, and am happily encouraging you to purchase a copy.

It's a terrific read. But don't take my word for it. New York Times bestselling crime thriller novelist Michael Connelly hailed Jack Wakes Up as a "fast, smooth ride on a highway not found on any map." If you read Connelly like I do, you know that's high praise indeed.

Order your copy of Jack Wakes Up today, and help Seth Harwood become a rising star in the mainstream crime fiction genre. You won't be disappointed. And watch for a new interview with Seth later this week, in the next episode of my "Hey Everybody!" podcast!