Fan of the Day #30: Nuchtchas / by J.C. Hutchins

It's Tuesday, and it's time to meet another awesome fan! Meet Fan Of The Day Nuchtchas, a super-cool geek from the Northeast of North America.


Your location: Canada, NY, CT, where ever I am this week

Website, Twitter, etc.:

Your hobbies or interests: Roleplaying, sailing, podcasts, gaming, anything geeky really

7th Son fans rock because: Because they are more then fans, they are a community. I may not be the most active in the community but I know it's there. I love how at almost any con you will find someone wearing a Beta Clone t-shirt or one of the other swag from 7th Son.

What else would you like The Beta Clone Army to know about you? While I may not be as active as others I am big on promoting good podcast fiction and along with the books I am sending overseas to Iraq & Afghanistan to the troop lending library I plan to include Data CDs of all the best podcast fiction and podcasts I know of.

Nuchtchas, sending Data CDs to the troops is an unbelievably cool idea. Kudos! Hey guys, check out her blog for another side of this superfan -- she has great ideas on everything from sensible budgeting to the appropriate use of LOL-speak.

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