Fan of the Day #25: Susie The Southern Geek / by J.C. Hutchins

We're keeping the momentum going with another outstanding fan today! Meet Fan Of The Day Susie, an awesome podcaster from Hotlanta.


Susie the Southern Geek

Your location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Website, Twitter, etc.:

Your hobbies or interests: Podcasting, gaming, SciFi, Twitter

7th Son fans rock because: We were in on this at the beginning, and know just how good these stories are! We love ya, J.C., and think you are totally worthy of all the awesomeness you are reaping! What a nice guy- really!

What else would you like The Beta Clone Army to know about you? Check out my Geeky Parenting podcast at! Wonderful people like J.C. have encouraged me to do my own podcast about stuff I love, and I hope you like it too!

Not only have you been a superfan from the very beginning, but you're also helping indoctrinate the next generation of Beta Clones? That's what I call rocking it hardcore! Thanks for the support and all the evangelism, Susie! Folks, be sure to head over to and check out this wonderful podcast.

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