Writers for Relief Vol. 2 now available / by J.C. Hutchins

Writers for Relief, Vol. 2

Today, the Writers for Relief Vol. 2 short story anthology is now available for sale, profits of which will benefit the New Orleans-based Bay Area Food Bank. The organization is a food bank that assists the Gulf Region and is still helping feed Hurricane Katrina survivors, as well as the homeless, other survivors of natural disasters, and those in need.

The Writers for Relief anthologies feature collections of short fiction by top talents in the realms of fantasy and science fiction writing. The first and second volumes have brought help to Hurricane Katrina survivors through the Red Cross and the Bay Area Food Bank, respectively. The second volume, published by Dragon Moon Press, features some of today's best known speculative fiction authors:

  • Todd McCaffrey
  • Eugie Foster
  • A.C. Crispin and Christie Golden
  • Glenda Finkelstein
  • David Drake
  • Mur Lafferty
  • Elizabeth Blue
  • Tony Ruggiero
  • Christiana Ellis
  • James Marrow
  • Valerie Griswold-Ford
  • Stuart Jaffe
  • Michael Swanwick
  • D.K. Thompson
  • Davey Beauchamp

Thanks for the heads-up, Davey. Folks, pick up a copy or two to help those in need. It's the perfect time of the year to purchase this (it makes a holiday gift), and you'll be helping some people who need it the most.