BONUS: "Star Trek: USS Proxima" -- OUTTAKES / by J.C. Hutchins


Filmed in 1992 in a basement with no script, no budget and a borrowed videocamera, two teenagers made a Star Trek fan film. Nearly 10 years later, the footage was edited with music and sound effects, creating this result... This week, I've been posting a hysterically bad (but, based on fan reaction, very charming) Star Trek fan film I helped create when I was a teenager. Part One showed us the setup; Part Two delivered the punchline. In 2001, using video editing software nearly 10 years after friend Adam Fisher and I shot this silly little flick, I created the version of USS Proxima that we'd always wanted to make.

However, the original version of the movie wasn't as polished as what you've seen. (If what you've seen could be called "polished," natch.) Now you can witness a far more accurate take on what Proxima originally looked like sans music, sound effects and "special effects" in this outtake reel.

There's plenty of blank stares into the video camera, flubbed lines, windbag stream-of-consciousness "Captain's Logs" ... and perhaps best of all, what our original "special effects" shots looked like.

Set phasers to stunned.