BONUS: "Star Trek: USS Proxima" -- J.C.'s childhood fan film, PART 2 / by J.C. Hutchins


Filmed in 1992 in a basement with no script, no budget and a borrowed videocamera, two teenagers made a Star Trek fan film. Nearly 10 years later, the footage was edited with music and sound effects, creating this result... Yesterday, I posted Part One of a preposterously, wonderfully bad Star Trek fan film that me and childhood friend Adam Fisher created 16 years ago. Star Trek: USS Proxima was filmed in about five hours with a bulky VHS video camera in the basement of my childhood home. Adam and I made up the story as we went along, shamelessly (and wittingly) aping the plot of our favorite Trek movie for inspiration.

This footage remained untouched for nearly a decade, but using a video editing app in 2001, I cut out a great many flubbed "lines," and spliced in sound effects, a soundtrack and "special effects" shots (read: footage from several Trek movies). The result is this video, a slightly less-bad version of the flick. This was the version Adam and I always wanted to make.

Here's the second part of the movie; expect a blooper reel to drop tomorrow. Among other sundries, that episode features what our "special effects" shots initially looked like. (We pointed our vidcam at a TV screen that played Trek movies).

As with most science-fiction epics, the final act of USS Proxima relies heavily on space battle shots. There's not as much "acting" in this episode as there is in Part One, but I'm fairly happy with how my 2001 editing turned out. More important, the ending -- featuring close-ups of the crew -- should make you chuckle.

More to come tomorrow, but for now, enjoy the conclusion of Star Trek: USS Proxima....