John Alpha supporter spotted in Kentucky -- and it's kin! / by J.C. Hutchins

Jeepers, all right, I get it! I need to make a gallery for JOHN ALPHA '08 bumper sticker photos! :)

Behold, another John Alpha supporter -- this one is an "Alpha Female," and a very special one at that. This sticker is on my sister's car! She lives in my home state of Kentucky -- a hilly, lush, wonderful place that I miss somethin' fierce.

Recently, Alpha Sis (as we'll call her) upgraded her Internet connection to broadband, and -- after more than two years of hearing about 7th Son (but not hearing the actual podcast) -- has become a 7S geek of the highest order. This is unbelievably awesome for me, as Alpha Sis, in a great many ways, was the inspiration for the book's character binary_fairy. She's one of the most intelligent and driven people I know.

And so, here's the third photo from the field of a JOHN ALPHA '08 public supporter! Rock on, sis! And if you want a free bumper sticker to show your Alpha affinity, visit the bona-fide's campaign website!

(And I should probably start cooking up that photo gallery already...)