Yet another ALPHA '08 sticker spotted! / by J.C. Hutchins

Methinks I should create a gallery in the "Fan-Created Content" section for these photos, should I receive a few more. Behold: more support for John Alpha's villainous presidential campaign...

This image was provided by David van Sunder, from the terrific "Millionaire Or Bust" podcast. David slapped this bad boy onto his 12" G4 Powerbook (a thing of beauty ... I always wanted one of those), and now proudly finds himself among the psyjacked ranks of the Alpha Males (and Females)!

The sticker, of course, was free -- thanks to John Alpha's wicked campaign website. Do you want to show your support for the bona-fide? Bebop over there today, toss a self-addressed stamped envelope into the mail, and days later, you'll receive your free JOHN ALPHA '08 bumper sticker!

This election, make a nuclear impact with your vote! A Is For America! Vote Alpha!