MemeMission #1: Evangelize Sigler & Harwood / by J.C. Hutchins

Welcome to your first MemeMission, readers! "MemeMissions" are designed to jazz you up about cool things cooking in the social media space, and help the creators behind them. As all MemeMissions will be, this inaugural task is easy-peasy, painless and will evangelize a worthy cause.

Your mission, which you must accept: Blast two sites with goodwill for authors Scott Sigler and Seth Harwood. Both were featured in an excellent San Francisco Chronicle article about podcast noveling, and your actions today will raise mainstream awareness in the brilliant work they're doing.

Visit the SF Chronicle story, "Take My Book. It's Free." Spare a moment to read Chris Cadelago's authoritative piece, and then add a comment to the story. Sign-up is required, but speedy. By commenting on this article, the story will rise in popularity on the site. The more visible the story is, the more uninitiated readers will see it ... which helps spread the Sigler/Harwood message. Go there now and comment!

When you're done, also "digg" the story, found at This double-whammy will help these trailblazing writers find new a new audience and sell more books ... and for an author, that's about as cool as it gets.

Leave a comment when you've accomplished this MemeMission! Publicly show your support for these great creators!