Killer Content: Free PDF of Scott Sigler's "INFECTED" / by J.C. Hutchins

It's SCOTT SIGLER DAY here at! In addition to posting my UltraCreatives interview with The Cadaverous Antichrist, I am also proudly presenting the full PDF edition of INFECTED, which will debut in bookstores everywhere on April 1. Want an excerpt of this brilliant horror/sci-fi tale? You got it:

Perry awoke with a scream. His collarbone raged with pain, like he'd dragged a razor blade across the thin skin atop the bone, peeling back flesh like a cheese grater rubbed across some Cheddar. The fingers of his right hand felt cold, wet and sticky. A sunrise beam of light pierced his half-drawn curtains, lighting up the window frost crystallized on the pane. His room filled with the hazy glow of a winter morning.

In the dim light, Perry stared at his hands; they looked to be covered with chocolate syrup, thick and tacky-brown. He fumbled with the lamp on his night-stand. The bulb's glow lit up the room and his hands. It wasn't chocolate syrup.

It was blood.

Eyes widening in horror, Perry looked at his bed. Thin streaks of blood dotted the white sheets. Still blinking sleep-crust from his eyes, he ran to the bathroom and stared in the mirror....

Download the PDF below, or (if you're subscribed to this feed) enjoy it as it screams through the interwebtubes to your podcatcher. This is truly Killer Content, folks.

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