"7th Son: Destruction" Blooper Reel / by J.C. Hutchins


Fans of 7th Son, Book Three: Destruction may remember a brilliant audio recording that first saw light back in December 2007, when author J.C. Hutchins chatted with Destruction's producer, Shawn Bishop.

In that Q&A episode, Shawn presented a masterfully-mixed, hilarious "blooper reel" of a flummoxed -- and very foul-mouthed -- Hutchins as he tried to read various parts of the novel. Hutchins' readings may be very good indeed in the 7th Son audiobooks ... but there's many a mis-speak between mic and final mixdown.

Listeners requested a stand-alone audio file of this blooper reel, and -- after receiving permission from Celldweller to release the file into the wild (Celldweller provides the "soundtrack" for the experience) -- they can now listen to it in all its snarky glory. Be warned: four-letter words abound.