The J.C.VidStream (The Y! Live Video Streaming Experiment) / by J.C. Hutchins

Yahoo! recently launched Y! Live, a free broadcast service that makes it easy for webcam-empowered folks to create streaming video programming. Knowing full well that I have a face for radio, I've done the "early adopter" thing anyway and created a streaming video channel at Y! Live. The way this works: When I click a button on my laptop, I'll stream video/audio to my channel page. If you want to join the shenanigans live as I broadcast, you'll engage me on my Y! Live channel page. Stupid-simple to use.

Of course, my involvement hinges on your interest. Would you dig seeing me dabble in streaming video, and interact with 7th Son fans (including you) in real-time? Tell me in the comments here. If I snag enough interest, I'll roll out a pilot broadcast and see where it goes. Speak up and let me know!