Subscribing just got easier! Introducing "C2G" / by J.C. Hutchins

The greatest barrier between podcasting and the average computer user is ignorance. Most folks don't understand how podcasting works, so they believe they can't participate. I want to change that. Subscribing to the 7th Son trilogy is simple using Apple's iTunes software, so I've whipped up a video (and snazzy tagline) to tell that story. The method is called C2G: click, click, get. With two clicks of a mouse button, uninitiated users will be on the podcasting fast track.

The C2G video is on permanent display at my Podcasting Primer page, but I've included it below so you can see what it's all about. If you're a podcaster (or use RSS to distribute your content), feel free to use the C2G logo or tagline on your own website. The more we inform, the more we benefit.

So do you have a tech-leery pal who insists he (or she) "just isn't ready" for podcasting? Send them the link to my Podcasting Primer page and encourage them to watch the video ... or use the C2G logo/tagline on your own site. Remember the new mantra to educate the masses -- C2G: click, click, get!