MOP Mission #6: Operation LOL7thSon / by J.C. Hutchins

UPDATE: This MOP mission-content has concluded. Please visit the LOL7thSon gallery here to view the final LOL7thSon gallery. If you wish to create your own LOL7thSon image, send it to Natasha at the email address below. Comrades, the time has come to use your brilliance and humor to spread the 7th Son message to the unwashed, ignorant capitalist masses! Natasha, the Voice of the Ministry, conceived this Ministry of Propaganda mission herself. It demands cunning, creativity ... and a familiarity with the Internet meme LOL CATS!


You don’t know of LOL Cats? Natasha is appalled. Click here to see cuddly American kitties with charming 'Net speak cutlines. (Oh, teh CUTE!) Examine many examples on this site! Arm yourself with LOL language and whiskered wit! You will use similar techniques to evangelize the 7th Son cause, comrades. We shall woo the capitalist populace with teh funny, kthxbai.

Your mission: Operation LOL7thSon.

You shall create 7th Son-themed LOL pictures, post them to J.C. Hutchins’ special LOL7thSon gallery, and email your uneducated friends to promote 7th Son (and showcase your hard work).

The creators of the five funniest images will win 7th Son capitalistic swag. Prizes include an MOP coffee mug, a 7th Son T-shirt, and more! Natasha will personally judge these entries. As you know, comrades, our Russian taskmaster is not known for her sense of humor -- so make these LOL7thSon images extra funny, if you hope to win.

So what must you do to win such coveted prizes? (Not to mention your name on the Agents of the Ministry page?) Easy-peasy, comrade. Follow these simple instructions to create your artwork to post on the LOL7thSon gallery. This process takes less than five minutes; even the busiest soldiers in The People’s Army can participate!

Step 1: Find a photo that you'd like to transform into a funny LOL7thSon picture. Images of public figures, animals, pop culture icons and your own personal photographs work best for this. Get creative! Please avoid using photos of private individuals who haven't given their consent.

Keep it clean, comrades. If the photo is beyond a PG-rating, it'll get yanked from the site. (You will also incur the wrath of Natasha and J.C. This is not a good thing. Nyet.)

Step 2: Once you’ve picked your photo, head over to the awesome "LOL Generator" at the Big Huge Labs site. Click here to easily add 7th Son-themed LOL text to your photo!

Step 3: Click the LOL Generator's "Choose File" button to select the image you wish to LOL7thSon.

Step 4: Enter something super-clever in the screen's text fields ... and be sure to make it LOL-esque! Text can be placed at the top of your LOL7thSon picture, or the bottom, or both. Be sure to take advantage of the other features here, such as the "keep this part of my photo visible" setting, and the text alignment settings.

Again: keep it clean, Agents. PG rating here.

Step 5: Click the Create button!

Step 6: You'll be sent to a new page featuring your new LOL7thSon image! Feel free to tweak the pic if you need to. When you’re done, hit the "Save" button.

Step 7: IMPORTANT STEP, Agents: Be sure to properly name your image to receive credit in the LOL7thSon gallery. Please rename your picture with this naming convention: The word "By" and then your name or nickname. (Example: By JC Hutchins.jpg or By NatashaMOP.jpg)

Step 8: You're almost done! Visit the LOL7thSon gallery to upload your LOL pic! Click here to get there!

Step 9: Click on the "Upload" button in the page's options bar. Follow the directions to post your LOL7thSon picture to the gallery. And behold! Yur in J.C.'s website, pwning hiz gallry!!!11!one!

Step 10: Now click on the "Tell a Friend" button and follow the directions to email FIVE of your friends who you think would like the 7th Son trilogy. They can be family, favorite bloggers, whomever you like. Be sure to separate the email addresses with commas. ALSO: Include NATASHA'S email address in this field! ( You can't win a prize if she doesn't have your email address!

Include any personal message in the email to your comrades, but it must also include this message (or your personalized variation):

Hey! If you can, check out to see why I sent you this silliness. I’m a fan of 7th Son, this free audiobook novel. It’s a thriller about human cloning. Think James Bond-meets-“Multiplicity” ... or a mashup of Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy. Cool stuff.

Remember, Agents: you must include NATASHA's email address in your message for mission compliance. The creators of the FIVE funniest LOL7thSon images will be contacted by email, given priceless 7th Son swag, and announced in a future Bonus Episode of 7th Son!

Enter as many LOL7thSon images as you like -- but you must email five new friends (and Natasha) for each new entry you create. No cheating, comrades. Natasha watching you.

Deadline for this mission: December 31, 2007.

Transmission ends.

The 7th Son Ministry of Propaganda ~ Domination Through Replication ~