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More Year Of The Fan goodness: FAN OF THE DAY by J.C. Hutchins

2009 isn't just any year -- it's your year, The Year Of The Fan. For the past three years, you've supported my and my fiction ... and in the process, your awesome enthusiasm and evangelism helped him score two book deals with St. Martin's Press! As a super-sized "thank you" for your years of support, I'm making you the star here at Welcome to FAN OF THE DAY! Each weekday, I'll post up to three profiles of 7th Son/Personal Effects fans here at the site. All I need is ... you!

To enlist yourself as a candidate for FAN OF THE DAY, simply fill out the email on the official FAN OF THE DAY page!

Thanks again for everything you do. I hope to see your FAN OF THE DAY submission ... and I can't wait to proudly proclaim my gratitude to YOU!