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UltraCreatives Interview #12: Cory Doctorow by J.C. Hutchins


After a week hiatus, the UltraCreatives Interview Series is back! This week, J.C. Hutchins chats with Cory Doctorow, co-editor of BoingBoing.net, activist and author of the new novel, Little Brother.

Cory is best-known as a pioneer in the Open Media movement and the "giving it away is okay" philosophy -- releasing free versions of his fiction to evangelize and enhance the exposure of his printed work. He's a trendsetter and visionary in this field. In addition, Cory is an activist, consumer advocate, and a co-editor for the culture blog, BoingBoing.net.

In this interview, Cory chats about his career as a writer, his activism, and Little Brother, which debuted in bookstores last week. Stick around after the interview: you'll hear an excerpt from the novel, which is also available as a DRM-free audiobook from Random House Audio.

Find Cory Doctorow on the World-Wide-Everywhere:

Also mentioned in this episode:

  • J.C. Hutchins has completed rewrites on his new novel (nicknamed "Code Phantom")!
  • The novel debuts next March
  • Expect a full announcement regarding Code Phantom in the weeks ahead
  • Later this week in a "Beta Clone Army Update" podcast, J.C. will explain why he's been mum about the project so far

Spiffy reminder: The groundbreaking 7th Son: OBSIDIAN short story anthology debuts later this month! Catch up by listening to J.C.'s sci-fi thriller 7th Son podcast novel trilogy, found here.