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Recent interviews in the podosphere by J.C. Hutchins

While I've been fortunate to interview many amazing personalities in the social media scene for my UltraCreatives Interview Series, I also enjoy appearing as the interviewee on other podcasts. This week, two excellent podcasters released episodes featuring me on their programs.

I had a great discussion with Chris Moody for the season opener of his PodioMedia Chat podcast. The interview is filled with 7th Son spoilers (be careful, 7th Son newcomers!), and lots of hints of things I have planned for 2008. Find the episode here.

I also had a great interview with Tee Morris on his Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy podcast. Tee and I discussed the creative challenges a writer faces after concluding a large project like 7th Son, and a lot more. Find the episode here.

Both shows feature high-quality content in every episode. Be sure to check them out!