miss bliss

Awesomeness is always looking for you. But are you looking for it? by J.C. Hutchins

In my house, it's usually bad news when the phone rings at 6 a.m. This morning, my cell rang at 6; the ringtone told me it was an unknown caller. By the time I'd stumbled out of bed, the ringing had stopped ... and a text message was waiting for me. The area code was from Michigan, which meant it was 5 a.m. in the caller's neck of the woods. I read the text message.

hey sorry, checked out site, did not know u wrote book. i hope 2 hear from u soon. i did wait 4 a few, did not c u leave. -- Miss Bliss

It's no secret that I've posted my cell number here on my site -- I want to be as accessible as possible to folks, especially for business opportunities. It appeared as if the mysterious Miss Bliss scored my digits here. But I know no "Miss Bliss," and certainly wasn't waiting for her, wherever she was.

(Interesting aside: My next podcast fiction project, The 33, features a main character named Bliss. How's that for coincidence?)

Now, there are two paths to take in "wrong number" situations like this. Ignore the caller (or in this case, texter) ... or be as helpful as you can. So I texted back:

Are you sure you have the right person? I don't think I know a Miss Bliss...

Michigan-based Bliss replied minutes later:

Nah, look like a lot of people. sing in this band and i thought ur name was jeff. his pic is on main page. long hair, sings 4 another band. does zeppelin, great range, a lot of Robert Plant? thought you were him, sorry

Swell. I was helpful. Mystery solved. I replied:

Sorry Bliss ... Wrong guy. Good luck tracking down Jeff.

Now here's where things get interesting and fun -- and it completely reinforces my philosophy that 99 percent of the population are cool, decent folk. Bliss texted:

Wont be 2 hard, lol! ... ur book sounds interesting! r u going 2 do film? I have done scifi before. independent is the best!

Sensing an opportunity to shamelessly promote my stuff -- as an indie artist, you're always looking for more fans / customers / connections ... and if you're not, you're doing it wrong -- I replied:

Thanks! Check out the free audiobook at 7thSonNovel.com! Hope you find Jeff!


Bliss soon replied, and if you u need a strong intimidating gal, and do a film, let me know. i am a pro model. acting is fun, keep in touch!

Come to find out, Miss Bliss is indeed a pro model, and this "wrong number" adventure has provided me a chance to meet someone spiffy -- and just as important, share her work with you. Artists helping artists, baby. This is what indie networking is all about.

Obviously, you can see what Miss Bliss looks like from the pic in this post -- a gallery is below -- and if you're based in Michigan and have a need for Miss Bliss' modeling or acting talents, you can find out how to contact her via her ModelMayhem webpage or at 248-979-3950.

In closing: Awesomeness is always looking for you. The question is, are you looking for it? Keep your eyes peeled, be open to serendipitous moments and opportunities ... and never be afraid to answer the phone at 6 a.m.