PDF: Photo Set: "Personal Effects" by J.C. Hutchins

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Suicide Girls: Personal Effects cover

A Suicide Girls photo story featuring Annika and Lumi,
 and transmedia items from the novel Personal Effects: Dark Art

From the journal of Suicide Girl Annika...

My pal Rachael Webster (a.k.a. PixelVixen707, SuicideGirls' Hit Play columnist) asked me to take a look at the personal effects of Martin Grace, a patient and possible serial killer, who resides at Brinkvale Psychiatric Hospital where her boyfriend, art therapist Zach Taylor works. Rachael's been worried about Zach ever since he started working with Martin at the behest of his Brinkvale boss, who needs to know if Martin is fit to stand trial.

Zach has been wondering about Martin's innocence, but Zach's dad, the District Attorney, is convinced he's a stone-cold killer. Guilty or innocent, Martin has really got under Zach's skin and in his mind in a very disturbing way, so Rachael wanted a fresh set of eyes to sort through the evidence she, Zach and his brother Lucas have found so far. Is this guy really a deadly psychopath? Could he be a danger to Zach -- or even Rachael? I called in my buddies Lumi (such a scintillating beauty) and Zoetica (a photographer with an eye for erotic detail) to help solve the mystery. Everywhere around us were personal effects; traces of a veiled injustice perhaps? A mystery.

Perhaps, by solving it with me, Lumi will reveal secrets of her own. Unfortunately we got a little distracted, and didn't pay as much attention to the clues as perhaps we should have (who knew playing detective could be so hot?). Can you help solve this mystery?


Photography by Zoetica Ebb, featuring Annika and Lumi,
 and transmedia items from the groundbreaking thriller novel
 Personal Effects: Dark Art by J.C. Hutchins and Jordan Weisman.

  • See the complete, unedited, nude pin-up “Personal Effects” photo set at
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