Have Kilroy2.0 hack YOUR site on Oct. 27! by J.C. Hutchins

Kilroy2.0 avatar

With your help, Kilroy2.0 WILL be everywhere... I've cooked up a fun "fiction meets reality" stunt to celebrate the release of 7th Son: Descent, and would love your help in making it happen. On Oct. 27, the day 7th Son hits bookstore bookshelves, you can have the novel's mad hacker Kilroy2.0 HACK YOUR BLOG. (Or Facebook. Or Twitter.)

If you choose to participate, you won't be alone: More than 130 superfans like you have already volunteered for this hack-a-thon! Of course, there will be no real hacking happening here. You'll be copying and pasting some text (that I'm providing) into your blog / FB / Twitter feeds. It's all perfectly safe ... but it should be a fun way to show your support for 7th Son's release!

Check this .zip file. (It's virus-free, I promise.)  In this .zip archive are two text files. These explain how Kilroy can hack your blog / Facebook / Twitter feeds on Oct. 27. An image file is also provided, which you can use in your blog / FB posts, or as an avatar on Twitter, etc.

I'd love for you to participate! You should find the instructions straightforward and easy to implement. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line.

Thanks again for your generous support of 7th Son ... and for having your online content "hacked" by Kilroy2.0 on Tuesday, Oct. 27. So whatcha waiting for? Download the .zip file, and get hackin'!

He's here, he's everywhere,