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Continuing The Conversation by J.C. Hutchins

If you've ever:

  • visited a blog and left a comment ...
  • listened to a podcast and emailed its host ...
  • wrote on someone's Facebook wall, "friended" someone on MySpace, or posted an update on Twitter or Pownce ...
  • sent an email, SMS, or instant message to your friends about darned-near anything ...

... then you've participating in what social media leaders call "the conversation." "The conversation" is this, this here, the wild frontier where community transcends geography, and ideas are exchanged at the speed of a mouse-click. Life-changing stuff.

I'll be writing about my experiences in this world in the 2008 edition of The Age of Conversation, a book whose creative philosophy can be likened to the Open Media movement. It's a brilliant concept. There is no one author. Dozens and dozens of bloggers will participate in its creation.

The best part? You can participate, too. Visit editor Drew McLellan's site to vote on this year's The Age of Conversation book topic ... and if you like, sign up as a contributing author, like I did. It doesn't get more democratic -- or conversational -- than that.


UltraCreatives Interview #2: Matt Wallace by J.C. Hutchins


Welcome to the second episode of the UltraCreatives Interview series! This week, J.C. chats with Matt Wallace, award-winning author of The Failed Cities Monologues, showcase writer for the Variant Frequencies podcast, screenwriter, ex-professional wrestler -- the list goes on and on.

Matt discusses his forthcoming short story collection The Next Fix (available from Apex Publishing in late March), his creative philosophy, current and future work ... and gobs more.

You can check out Matt's work at these fine online establishments:

In the intro, J.C. talks up the new Fan Community section, plans for future podcasts, the new LOL7thSon photo gallery and more. Hella good times in this episode. Brace yourself for a "Real Genius" reference.